Kansas City Chiefs' Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson Show off Bane Masks

Brett GeringCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2013

Image edited by Brett Gering
Image edited by Brett GeringChristopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly, ankle-breaking running back Jamaal Charles and tackle-hoarding linebacker Derrick Johnson are two very different people.

The former is a backfield blur; the latter is a backfield bomber. 

Charles is a Spurs fan. 

Johnson? Not so much.  

No. 25 is an outspoken socialite who's one round trip away from passing Clark Kent in frequent-flyer miles. 

In the offseason, he's never not doing something—his daily planner looks like it should have Britannica stamped on the side of it. 

He served as a celebrity waiter at Sullivan's Steakhouse (NSFW: He handles carries better than criticism).  

Signed the great wall of autographs before a Pepsi shoot.

Dropped some Sports Science.

Phoned a friend (Branden Albert) to debunk Shaq's Buick commercial.

Draped cover sheets on his TPS reports before NFL AM (damn you, Lumbergh). 

And he filled Bleacher Report in on how he plans to bankrupt Eric Fisher.  

Charles once burned a 4.32 40 time into scouting notes—life in the fast lane comes natural. 

Johnson, on the other hand, is more like a reserved trucker merging into the carpool lane.

However, the teammates' ties trace further back than the Chiefs: The Pro Bowl tandem both spent their college years at the University of Texas. 

The two teamed up for offseason training at the capital of "Hook 'Em" nation: Austin, Texas. Judging by the evidence, they work out by day and roam Gotham by night. 

Johnson tweeted out a photo of the All-Pros after anaerobic training.

The pictured elevation masks simulate high-altitude conditions and are becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes (and Mortal Kombat participants).  

In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. 

A pair of Chiefs obviously have Mile High on the mind. 


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