Ask And Ye' Shall Receive, Big Name Heading To Da' Bears!

Eli FuchsContributor IMay 8, 2009

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 30:  Brian Urlacher #54 and Lance Briggs #55 of the Chicago Bears celebrate a defensive stop against the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field on December 30, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears won 33-25.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Ah the power of the pen!  Most of you know by now the article I wrote yesterday highlighting the the areas of need for the 2009 - 10 Chicago Bears and the dire need of depth at wide receiver.  I hinted at pursuing free agent trouble maker Plaxico Burress, but Brian Urlacher read my article and one up'd me.

Kudos to him, that is what makes him an all-star.  Urlacher finagled a couple of cheap seats tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers/ Atlanta Hawks game and as you could see was wooing Mr. LeBron James to a larger market...THE WINDY CITY! 

Second city no more!  LeBron knows all to well how amazing of a city Chicago is.  Growing up in Ohio, Chi-Town is a stone's throw away and now LeBron can fill the throne that Michael has left for him. 

From my sources, (my over-zealous heart and soul) Urlacher met with LeBron after Game two and discussed many different options that were laid out by Jerry Angelo and John Paxson.  From what I hear, these two braniacs realized that Mogul Jay-Z would use his popularity to lure LeBron to Jersey, and offer him the league maximum; Who wouldn't?

How do you set yourself aside from every other league maximum contract?  Offer 2!  Again, sources tell me that The Bears and The Bulls are prepared to offer two maximum deals that will pay $300 million dollars over 5 years and give LeBron partial ownership over the John Hancock building and the Sears Tower.  How can someone turn down partial ownership over two of the tallest buildings in the world?

This deal will make LeBron bigger than Oprah!  A feat that few can claim, although many wish to do so. After hearing this news, I sent Devin Hester a Facebook message asking if he would be willing to part ways with his #23 jersey and he said that LeBron already compensated him to offer the number to King James!

From what I hear, due to contractual obligations the deal will not be finalized until 2010 in basketball; but expect breaking news across all news stations who will be battling for the rights to all Bears games!

Lastly, a special thanks goes out to Urlacher who wanted to attend the Blackhawks game but did a personal favor to the city of Chicago.  Now we have a feel good story for the sports cable networks to cover that will thankfully overtake the never ending Manny Ramirez saga and the 24/7 coverage of Brett Farve's life!