WWE Must Give Daniel Bryan the Title Push He Deserves

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJuly 16, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE may be scared to take the title from off John Cena's waist and pin it around Daniel Bryan's, but it's the right move.

The WWE Championship belongs on the best overall performer on the roster and the man eliciting the biggest reactions. It's time to roll with the goat-faced one as the top guy.   

Fans are never usually as unified as they are right now about their support for Bryan.

Depending on who you ask, Sheamus is either the best brawler or the biggest goof in the company, Cena is one of the greatest Superstars ever or a detriment to wrestling and Dolph Ziggler is either the future of WWE or a hack. Bryan, on the other hand, receives thunderous responses everywhere he goes.

Monday's WWE Raw was a perfect example of that.

When Cena asked the Brooklyn audience who he should face at SummerSlam with the WWE Championship on the line, the crowd erupted in "Yes!" chants. If Cena had asked for folks to vote on the WWE App, it likely would have been an embarrassingly lopsided vote.

Cena went along with what the fans in Brooklyn were screaming for, and now we arrive at a crossroad. Will WWE let their golden boy lose and see what they have in Bryan?

The fans adore Bryan and that should be reason enough to award him the title, but the case for The World's Toughest Vegan goes beyond that.

The company's top champion needs to be a man who can deliver great main event matches, who can connect with the crowd and who can sell tickets. Bryan has proved he can rock the first two items, but there is uncertainty about the third one.

Bryan's resume includes a masterpiece against CM Punk at Over the Limit 2012, a thriller against Sheamus at Extreme Rules, a classic against Dolph Ziggler at Bragging Rights 2010, as well as fantastic matches against John Cena and Ryback on free TV.

This varied list of opponents he has thrived against should give WWE confidence that any rival that it puts him with, any challenger that comes his way will translate into great wrestling.

Give him Randy Orton, someone from The Shield or just about anyone and sit back and enjoy the magic.

Bryan isn't just an elite in-ring performer either; he's a well-rounded Superstar who is sure to give some fun, intriguing segments as champion.

His run as one half of Team Hell No showed off his sense of humor and over-the-top acting style. He can be ridiculous as he was as B Dazzle. The rage born from his inferiority complex showed off his more serious side and an intriguing element to his character.

The only potential issue with a Bryan reign at the top is that Cena has long been a dependable star in terms of marketing and drawing fans. Bryan doesn't have that track record.

The thing is, though, WWE can't depend on Cena forever. The company needs to figure out who else on the roster can rake in big bucks as the top guy. Let Bryan have his run and see what happens.

If ratings dwindle or if pay-per-view buys go down, it's not as if WWE is locked into having Bryan as champion for years. They can pull the plug at their leisure.

Imagine if WWE had not given Stone Cold Steve Austin a chance when Shawn Michaels was the go-to guy. The company gave a rising star a chance to run with the title and it paid off in a huge way. Bryan doesn't need to match Austin's success to be successful, but he represents an unknown commodity much the way Austin did before WWE gave him his opportunity at the top of the mountain. 

Bryan's popularity is blistering right now. He's in his prime and a change from Cena could equal invigorated interest. This is the time to crown Bryan.

Let the man take his swings. If Bryan is a home-run hitter in terms of money, run with it. If he's not, let the next man step up.

WWE, listen to your customers like Cena did on Monday. They say they want Bryan, their voices rumbling in unison.