Way-Too-Early Favorites to Land 2014 Phenom Andrew Wiggins

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterJuly 16, 2013

Way-Too-Early Favorites to Land 2014 Phenom Andrew Wiggins

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    Some of these teams might have intentionally positioned themselves to land Andrew Wiggins. Others just stink by accident.

    With the 2013 NBA draft complete and free agency wrapping up, you can get a pretty good idea who's going to struggle next season.

    Unlike this past year, when we didn't know who was going No. 1 in the draft until David Stern announced it, the 2014 draft has a special prize waiting.

    And only the worst of the worst in the NBA will be eligible to get it.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    After trading away its only All-Star for a 2014 pick and a rookie who's hurt, Philadelphia's current roster is quite sad.

    Evan Turner appears to be the go-to guy here, but he's not exactly the ideal No. 1 option. The Sixers also seem likely to roll out rookie Michael Carter-Williams from day one, a point guard who struggles with decision-making and perimeter scoring.

    Without many weapons around Carter-Williams, we could be talking about a turnover machine in Philadelphia's backcourt next season.

    Considering Nerlens Noel will miss a good chunk of the year, expect Arnett Moultrie, Spencer Hawes and Thaddeus Young to do the heavy lifting up front.

    Depending on how the ping pong balls fall, Philadelphia might have a very bright future. But its present is going to be awfully gloomy. It appears that the Sixers have committed to the "give in for Wiggins" approach.

Phoenix Suns

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    Phoenix made a strong move by acquiring Eric Bledsoe, but he alone can't keep the Suns from sinking deeper to the bottom.

    Michael Beasley, Luis Scola and Caron Butler are just not a threatening offensive core, while defensively they're a liability.

    Alex Len happens to be a nice prospect obtained in this year's draft, but he's unlikely to move the team's needle as a rookie.

    There's just not enough talent on this roster, and with teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Pelicans and Charlotte Bobcats improving, the Suns should be right back in that top-five pick mix.

Washington Wizards

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    The Washington Wizards have been tough to watch over the past few years. Offensively, they've just been brutal.

    They didn't do much this offseason to change that either. Washington brought in Eric Maynor to back up John Wall, though I wouldn't exactly call him a game-changer. The Wizards failed to add any offensive weapons to provide this lineup with some additional firepower.

    Of course, they drafted Otto Porter and Glen Rice Jr., but these aren't guys capable of rescuing the Wizards as NBA rookies. 

    Between Bradley Beal's injury woes and a one-dimensional frontcourt consisting of Emeka Okafor and Nene Hilario, the Wizards should be a favorite to land another top-three pick.

Utah Jazz

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    A number of players projected in Utah's rotation will be getting regular minutes for the first time in their careers.

    After letting the team's top two players in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap walk in free agency, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will finally get the featured roles they've been waiting to occupy.

    But between Favors, Kanter, Alec Burks and rookie point guard Trey Burke, there's not much experience here. And given the strength of the West, Utah could take some serious poundings next season.

    I really do like the players on this roster, particularly Gordon Hayward, but this won't be the year where it clicks.

Orlando Magic

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    Orlando is coming off a disastrous 20-win season, though they have some promising young players to build with moving forward. However, a group of promising young players doesn't equate to immediate success.

    This team is too young to make any real noise despite the talent that's on the roster. Tobias Harris and Moe Harkless are two absolute studs in the making, while Victor Oladipo is nearly a lock to have a successful NBA career.

    Nikola Vucevic has also emerged into a solid starting center.

    But there's just not enough pop here to threaten the majority of NBA teams. They need a go-to player and centerpiece to help push this team forward.

    You guessed it—they need an Andrew Wiggins.