Brandon Pettigrew: Detroit's Tight End Extraordinaire

Johnny LawrenceCorrespondent IMay 8, 2009

Perhaps the most intriguing of Detroit's draft picks this year is tight end Brandon Pettigrew. 

A rare blend of size, strength, and stability, most experts pegged him the top college player at his position.  Selected No. 20 overall, significant contributions are expected from the 6'5", 263-pound Pettigrew.  Lions' offensive coordinator Scott Linehan confirmed Friday he will be an every down tight end. 

Let's dish with former Oklahoma State star Brandon Pettigrew...

Coming from Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, TX your mascot was the Red Raider.  What college football team did you root for growing up?

You dominated fellow first-round pick Brian Orakpo in your head-to-head matchup against Texas last year.  What attribute gave you the biggest upper-hand?

Your high school coach, Mike Lee, once said, "When it comes to being physical, you either get good or get gone."  Do you still practice the philosophies he preached?

Have you built relationships with those you'll be sharing the offensive line with?

You've made several comments about modeling your game after Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten. What part of your game do you feel is stronger than Witten's?

The level of physicality increases drastically between college and pro football. How are Lion coaches preparing you to combat stronger, more skilled competitors?

In January 2008, you were arrested for assaulting a police officer that was rumored to target athletes. Knowing that you'll have a target on your back as an NFL player, how do you approach your public life differently?

Off the field, what have you most enjoyed about your time in Detroit?

Trooper Taylor, Oklahoma State's co-offensive coordinator, once said this about you, "If (Brandon) Pettigrew is a leader on your team, you do not have to worry about people falling off.  He refuses to let people change their demeanor or work habits."  With the Lions known struggles, how do you plan on being a leader in Detroit?

Do you agree with Kevin Smith's comments that the Lions can make the playoffs this year?