Yasiel Puig Spends All-Star Break Chilling with Snoop Lion at Playboy Mansion

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 16, 2013

Photo Credit: Yasiel Puig Instagram
Photo Credit: Yasiel Puig Instagram

A little over a year ago, Yasiel Puig was drifting through the Windward Passage, hoping to make it to American soil to live out his dream as a star MLB slugger. As Monday night turned into Tuesday morning, Puig lived the sweet life at the Playboy mansion.

Yes, the year of the Puig continues. 

Chris Chase of USA Today's For the Win spotted some awesome photos taken from Puig's Instagram account that show him enjoying the finer things in life alongside Snoop Lion, John Wall, Von Miller and (gulp!) Chris Brown. 

Here are a few images from a rather impressive Instagram account

Seeing as he has only been in the country for about a year, we will allow a little wiggle room when it comes to Brown. 

Now, we aren't sure if this came at the same Playboy mansion party, but he also managed a moment with San Francisco 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick at some point Monday. 

With a cannon for an arm, a scary presence at the plate and an electric personality, Puig has gone from anonymity to fame just as he once promised. 

Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan has a beautiful look at the initial throes of a budding MLB marvel as he made his way from his native Cuba to an eventual landing somewhere in Mexico. The most moving imagery came in this passage: 

Puig was so sure of himself, even though this wasn't the first time he’d been denied. Cuba had not broken him yet, his talent and naivete a potent enough brew to fuel another try, and another, and another. If it meant surviving under the tarp on slop and sleeping on a pebbled deck and waking up at 0700 hours with the rest of the Coasties, that was merely a precursor to his eventual success.

Passan goes on to write that this particular stint with the Coast Guard would end with another return to Cuba and the very real possibility of jail time. 

Instead, he would eventually make his way into Mexico a couple of months later, inching his way to fulfilling the very thing he relayed to this ship's interpreter: "Somebody is going to take a chance on me, and I'll be rich someday. That someday will be pretty soon."

Now, he is a man who polarizes the league, drives beautiful women around Los Angeles in an all-white Rolls-Royce and attends shindigs at the Playboy mansion.

Puig is enjoying every last drop of his seven-year, $42 million contract and every ounce of the fame and popularity that comes with his electric introduction to the majors. 

Still, anyone who has seen him play will tell you he plays like a kid still trying to make the team. In fact, you might say that he is enjoying each and every pitch like a man who came so close to missing his opportunity. 


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