WWE Raw Results: Top OMG and WTF Moments from 7/15/13

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIJuly 16, 2013

WWE Raw Results: Top OMG and WTF Moments from 7/15/13

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    In a way, it's unfortunate that the first article detailing Raw's OMG! and WTF?! moments has last night's show as its subject.

    That's because the show was fairly consistently excellentthere isn't a whole lot to uproariously question with WTF?!

    There was a lot of quality wrestling and even more exciting storyline progression. 

    If the WWE can keep up this level of programming for the next five weeks, then SummerSlam will have one of the best buildups of any recent pay-per-view.

    The following are the top OMG! and WTF?! moments from last night's episode of Raw. 

OMG: Brad Maddox as General Manager

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    Brad Maddox kicked off the show and was then heavily featured throughout.

    Of course, the decisions his character made weren't actually his decisions, but he put together some very exciting matches.

    It's actually kind of hard to tell if the WWE are trying to make him a heel or a babyface since all of his decisions were very fan pleasing.

    However, the reason why Brad Maddox works (for now) is because he's something new.

    Vicky Guerrero, though a veritable heat rod, was a stale character and it's good to see Maddox freshen the role up.

OMG: Shield Attack Mark Henry

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    Speaking of freshening things up, Mark Henry seems to be turning babyface...for real this time.

    He came out and gave a humble speech about why he should get another shot at Cena before being attacked by The Shield.

    The Hounds of Justice have had a relatively quiet month and a character change could do good for Henry, so this kills two birds with one stone.

    It'll also be intriguing to see who The World's Strongest Man teams with; perhaps he'll seek the help of returning old friend Evan Bourne?

WTF: Ziggler's Main Event Run Is over

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    Dolph Ziggler got a non-title rematch against Alberto Del Rio but victory was again denied due to AJ Lee.

    Prior to the match, Ziggler officially broke it off with AJ so she got her revenge by distracting and costing him the match.

    Big E. Langston would come out afterwards and flatten The Showoff which is surely the beginning of a feud between the two.

    It's sad to see Ziggler, who worked so hard for so long to get to the world championship picture, be dropped from it so prematurely.

    Let's hope he finds his way back before the year ends.

OMG: R-Truth Is the Next Victim of the Wyatts

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    The first thing on the agenda is to note, yes, The Wyatt's eerie and atmospheric entrance is still awesome. 

    It feels strange calling this a OMG! segment when the reaction they're clearly going for is 

    After disposing of R-Truth, Bray Wyatt took to the mic and flexed his promo muscles.

    The Wyatt's are reminiscent of The Straight Edge Society, which is definitely a compliment and a good thing.

    Wyatt dropped a small line about Kane at the end of the promo, so expect to see The Big Red Machine putting over Bray sometime soon.

OMG: The Rhodes Scholars Officially Implode

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    Newly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank, Damien Sandow, took on Christian in a short and sweet match, which Captain Charisma won.

    It was odd to see WWE not try and boost his momentum, but Christian not doing the job was a pleasant surprise.

    Either way, the best moment came after the match when Cody Rhodes ran in and blistered Sandow.

    It looked like perhaps the events of Money in the Bank would plant the seeds for an eventual implosion, but nope, Rhodes ain't having none of that.

    This could be a tremendous program but keep your optimism cautious; WWE have a tendency to randomly give up on feuds like this (see Ziggler vs. Del Rio).

OMG: Brock and Heyman vs. Punk Heats Up

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    There's a lot to like about CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar and this segment captured it all.

    Heyman and Punk worked magic on the microphone and Lesnar brought his special brand of carnal intensity.

    It's also hard to not be curious as to how the two superstars will match up. 

    Lesnar is an absolute beast of a man, so seeing the much smaller Second City Saint take him on is very gripping experience indeed.

    With segments like this it really makes you wonder why the WWE wasted Lesnar on Triple H for so long. 

OMG: Y2J vs. RVD!

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    There really isn't much that needs explaining on this one; we got to see RVD vs. Chris Jericho.

    This marks the second time in about a month that Y2J has put over a returning talent, but it was glorious to see nonetheless.

    In fairness, it wasn't a perfect match. It was a little more of a showcase of Van Dam than it should have been.

    Perhaps the WWE are trying to educate the younger audience that they so desperately cater for about Mr. Monday Night?

    Ultimately it doesn't matter, because it was a very slight flaw of a very good match.  

OMG: SummerSlam Is Sold

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    The execution of this segment wasn't fantastic, in fact Cena's announcement was a little clumsy and drawn out.

    But the WWE are giving us Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at SummerSlam, so we really have no right to complain.

    The ending of Raw was one of the best ones in recent memory; Cena and Bryan face to face, the crowd enjoying a unified frenzy of 'YES!' chants.

    It's the perfect picture. The 12-time world champion and the company's next big thing, face to face.

    In a fairly safe prediction, I'm going to go ahead and just say that this will be Cena's best match since Money in the Bank 2011.