New Arizona Diamondbacks Skip' A.J. Hinch Can't Right Ship

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New Arizona Diamondbacks Skip' A.J. Hinch Can't Right Ship
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A.J. Hinch, the Diamondbacks’ Director of Player Development, is expected to be introduced as the new skipper of the team this afternoon at Chase Field.

Hinch, 34, has been very successful in finding and developing young talent in his current position, but carries no managerial experience on his resume.

Bob Melvin was fired due to the team’s perceived lack of fire, passion, and, their inability to even hit a beach ball.

While Hinch may be more adept at working with the young players, it is common belief that the team was babied too much under Melvin. His easy-going attitude and soft-spoken tone failed to create a sense of urgency amongst his players. There was always tomorrow, so why worry about today.

Hinch’s experience developing youngsters requires patience, something that this team has frankly been receiving too much of lately. The D-Backs’ brass and the fans are tired of waiting for their over-hyped, once-budding young stars to get off the snide and swing the bats the way they’re capable of doing.

What this team really needs is an experienced, hard-nosed, no BS manager who is willing to hold players accountable for their performances.

Think Larry Bowa, Lou Pinella (yes, I know he’s still employed with the Cubs) or Dusty Baker (still with the Reds).

Having said that, the D-Backs don’t have any of those guys, so they’ll have to make due with that they do have, A.J. Hinch.

Hinch, however, could bring more of a focused mindset and comprehensive game plan to the team.

Expect to see a focus on defense in the field, running on the bases, and patience at the plate. Discipline will likely return to a clubhouse that has seemed to lose its focus.

Whatever the result of the season, it was clear that this team was no longer responding to Bob Melvin, whatever the reason. I don’t doubt Bob is a great guy, who worked tirelessly.

However, his hard work simply stopped paying off, the results simply weren’t there, perhaps to no fault of his own. A change was needed; I’m just not so sure A.J. was the right choice.

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