SummerSlam 2013: Ryback and Other Wrestlers Who Will Disappoint

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 16, 2013

Ryback (photo from
Ryback (photo from

As WWE heads into SummerSlam, you can virtually guarantee the likes of John Cena, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan will churn out blistering, world-class performances on the card.

Sadly, it's not all good news.

It can also be safely predicted that certain guys will disappoint when they wrestle at the company's second biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Ryback would be the most obvious candidate to have a bad match.

Last year, the former Nexus member was one of the company's biggest stars, getting massively over with the fans as a monster babyface and conjuring up comparisons with WCW mega-draw Bill Goldberg. For a time, he truly did seem on the verge of becoming a major draw capable of boosting business.

But somewhere, things went badly wrong—many would point to his loss to CM Punk at October's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view as the beginning of the slump—and Ryback is now stuck in the midcard heel role. The fans don't seem terribly bothered about him anymore and, really, they've been given no reason to.

To make matters worse, his in-ring skills have fallen sharply. And this is a guy who wasn't exactly a great wrestler to begin with.

Who can forget his dreadful, botch-filled bout with Mark Henry at WrestleMania, by far the worst on the show?

His recent program with Chris Jericho has left a great deal to be desired, too. When a talented, versatile veteran like Jericho can't get a good match out of someone, there might be a problem.

No doubt Ryback will have a bout at the pay-per-view, maybe even with exiled authority figure Vickie Guerrero as his valet, but don't expect anything good from it.

Not that he's the only one we can expect a mediocre performance from at the August pay-per-view. Since splitting from tag team partner Daniel Bryan, Kane has struggled greatly to remain relevant.

And, without Bryan to carry the in-ring side of things, it has become clear that the aging wrestler can't really keep up with the younger main eventers. Kane is currently off television selling a beating from the Wyatt family. He may return at SummerSlam for revenge, but, really, will it be treated as a remotely big deal?

World champion Alberto Del Rio may also be destined to disappoint at the event. Sure, when he's got Dolph Ziggler as an opponent—one of the best wrestlers in the world—he has terrific matches.

But with the Ziggler/Del Rio program seemingly over, Del Rio will probably revert to his old dull, one-dimensional self.

That his sidekick Ricardo Rodriguez is currently serving a suspension for failing WWE's drug-testing program doesn't help. The charismatic Rodriguez was practically carrying the entire act. His absence only accentuates Del Rio's weaknesses.  

Who will Del Rio face at SummerSlam? Maybe the real question should be, who actually cares? The star is sinking fast, and he's taking the World Heavyweight Championship with him. Has the title ever felt less relevant than it does right now?

SummerSlam, folks. Not everyone will stand out and/or impress. Particularly the wrestlers mentioned. Their careers are struggling...big time.