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Debate: Is Alex Smith a Super-Bowl Caliber QB?

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Debate: Is Alex Smith a Super-Bowl Caliber QB?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Smith is the man under center for the Chiefs, but does he have the talent to lead KC to the Super Bowl?


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I say yes. As a 49er fan who followed Montana to KC I now follow Smith to the same. Alex Smith has everything you need to win a Super Bowl. He's smart...
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I believe that if Alex Smith would have played in the superbowl the 9er's would have beat the ravens so I say (O hell yeah in my stone cold Steve Aus...
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He has a good #1 and a decent oline with 3 TE targets, bald wins a toss up but should be made up with Avery n McCluster. He has the best back in team ...
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joe, did you mean Jim Harb? Not true about AS not 'stretching the field" : consider; Do you know that in '12, AS11 had more over 40yd passes than CK7...
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