2013 College Football All-Name Team

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2013

2013 College Football All-Name Team

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    There is something in a name. That is the case for a lot of college football players. While all names are certainly not created equal, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

    The college football season is inching closer, and depth charts continue to fill out.

    Combing through the rosters across the nation, it is easy to see there are some unique names across the country.

    With that being said, here is the cream of the crop when it comes to names in college football.

    The all-name team has nothing to do with talent or playing time on the field but everything to do with what is listed on the official team roster.

    Here is the starting lineup.


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    Munchie Legaux, Cincinnati

    The dual-threat Cincinnati quarterback lost his starting job midway through last season, but that does not mean he does not have the name to be the starting quarterback on this squad. 

    Legaux, pronounced "lego," is somewhat inaccurate as a passer, but that hair he has makes not only his name but also his appearance stand out. 

    There was not a lot of competition at the quarterback position, so Legaux is the easy pick here.

Running Backs

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    When it comes to names, the running back group is very deep. Only two could make the roster, however.

    Orleans Darkwa, Tulane: Even though he was born in Tennessee, Tulane running back Orleans Darkwa now lives in New Orleans and has starred for the Green Wave the past few seasons.

    Mister Jones, Colorado State: The former Texas A&M running back is now at Colorado State. Who can forget the excellent song by the Counting Crows with the same name?




Wide Receivers

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    The wide receivers do not quite have the unique names of some of the other positions, but there are still a few interesting ones out there.

    Jazz King, Marshall: There is no question that this is the top name for any wide receiver in the country. No question, this sophomore will continue to hear his name more over the coming years.

    Fudge Van Hooser, Tulane: Fudge has a brother who also made the list. He has the more unique first name of the two, however. 

    Wilson Van Hooser, Tulane: No question that Tulane had the most unique names in the country in 2012. Wilson has decided to leave Tulane for personal reasons, however. 


Offensive Line

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    Here are the five offensive linemen who made the roster.

    Win Homer, Boston College: This is one of the most unique names on the entire team. He is from Christchurch, Va. That only makes it that much better for this tackle.

    Thor Jozwiak, South Florida: A name like Thor Jozwiak is certainly one of the most intimidating in college football. At 6'4" and 300 pounds, he is a load up front at guard for the Bulls.

    Charlie Will Tuttle, Texas State: This is one of those names that just kind of flows. The middle name is what puts him on the team. No center in the country has a name like Tuttle.

    Hunter Hollowed, Hawaii: Little is known about this offensive lineman, but with a name like that, he could get serious playing time on this squad at guard.

    Brynjar Gudmundsson, South Florida: No offensive line in the country has a pair of names like the one at South Florida. Gudmundsson is a tackle on this roster.

Defensive Line

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    There are some very interesting names along the defensive line. It might be the most complete position on the field.

    Silverberry Mouhon, Cincinnati: This Georgia native has a name that better fits a player with a lot of speed. The pass rusher will see a lot of playing time this season. No question his first name is as unique as they come.

    Dee Liner, Alabama: No name fits any player more perfectly than Dee Liner. The defensive tackle is one of the best incoming freshmen in the country. He also has an excellent name to go along with it.

    Mister Cobble, Kentucky: This defensive tackle not only has one of the best names in the game, but he is also one of the largest players in the country at 340 pounds and only 6 feet tall.

    Godspower Offor, Wake Forest: Rounding out the defensive line is Wake Forest end Godspower Offor. No question he might have a little bit of help on his side.



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    The best name in all of the land resides with this position group.

    Wonderful Terrific Monds II, Buffalo: This Bulls linebacker once again has the best name in the country in 2013. It is not even close.

    Blaze Caponegro, Temple: This middle linebacker has quite a name. His hair has a reddish tint to it, which goes well with a name like Blaze.

    Sir Thomas Jackson, Arizona: The walk-on linebacker has a name most kids would give anything to have. Teachers and adults have been calling him Sir since the day he was born.


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    There are not as many interesting names at the cornerback position, but there are plenty to choose from at safety.

    Hugs Etienne, Wisconsin: The Badgers' cornerback is only living up to his name when he wraps up receivers and brings them down.

    BooBoo Gates, Bowling Green: One of the best names in all of college football, this safety is also very talented. He certainly leaves his fair share of boo-boos on opposing wide receivers.

    Wave Ryder, Navy: This Navy safety is from Hawaii. That is the absolute perfect name for somebody born and raised on the islands.

    Xavier Archangel, UTSA: UTSA is new to the FBS level, and Xavier Archangel was suspended last season for academic reasons, but that does not stop him from making this squad.

Special Teams

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    A team is not complete without a kicker and a punter.

    Chase Tenpenny, Nevada: This punter may not be well known, but he has the best name of anybody in the country at his position.

    Chris Blewitt, Pittsburgh: While it is not a good thing to have a name like Chris Blewitt for a kicker, it is still one of the best in the nation. Who knows, it could fit perfectly.


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    Bronco Mendenhall, BYU

    Every team needs a coach. While there were a few interesting ones to choose from, the man from BYU gets the nod.

    A name like Bronco certainly means business. Mendenhall edged out names like Doc Holliday from Marshall and June Jones from SMU.