LeBron James Hater: Skip Bayless Should Change His Name to Skip Clueless

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IMay 8, 2009

Here we go again with Skip Bayless on the "LeBron Hatetrain."

Today on ESPN's First Take, Bayless was saying LeBron was showboating and mugging for the camera after every shot last night. He even went as far as to say that "LeBron will get his payback soon," implying that someone will hard foul him as revenge.

I just see it as LeBron being on fire and giving the Cavs fans more show and entertainment for their money!

He said Michael Jordan, among other star players, has never done the showboating that LeBron does.

That's an insane and unfounded claim! I really thought that as great as he is, our beloved No. 23 was more modest than most.

I remember the Jordan "fist-pump" mid-air, after burying that winning shot in Craig Ehlo's face over the Cavs 20 years ago. I never once considered that to be classless, because it was not.

I'm pretty sure that I have never seen LBJ yelling up and down the court "You can't guard me!" like a certain big-market media darling that plays in L.A. (cough, cough—Kobe Bryant). 

What's your "first take" on Kobe doing that kind of self-absorbed garbage, Skippy? Because I have yet to hear you speak out about him or his egotistical antics.

Like I said, change your last name to "Clueless." It's a much better fit!

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