"Shaq Holding Things" Is What Makes the Internet So Magical

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffJuly 15, 2013

Recently, a photo of Shaquille O'Neal looking gigantic while holding a 12-ounce soda can circulated on Reddit, and the top comment among redditors was, "Makes me want to see an album of Shaq holding regular sized things for comparison to my life..."

Well, as we've come to expect from the Internet, there are more hidden gems than the average person can even begin to think of, and there had already been a subreddit in existence called /r/ShaqHoldingThings.

Here are some of the highlights with title captions:


Shaq holding a retail employee


Shaq holding a Good Burger


Shaq holding a mic


Shaq holding Bieber


Shaq holding a mouse lemur


And last but certainly not least, a few from our own database...

Shaq holding (carrying) Kobe


Once again, thank you Internet—you never cease to amaze us.

holding carrying kobe