Red Bull Salzburg's Martin Hinteregger Whacks Wonder Goal from 71 Yards Out

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Sometimes it's best to ditch strategy and throw caution to the sidelines where it belongs. This especially holds true when audacious shots on goal from 71 yards out somehow find their mark. 

There may be some discrepancy as to the distance of this boot by Red Bull Salzburg's Martin Hinteregger. NBC Sports claims the defender took a whack from the 71-yard mark, while The Guardian errs on the side of caution with 70. 

I say there is no time to worry about numbers when you are busy getting your jaw off the floor. 

As for the man with a golden foot, the 20-year-old Hinteregger had not scored a goal for Salzburg until this incredible shot, according to NBC Sports' report. 

The report also gives us a couple of words from the goalkeeper who was taken to task for stepping away from his line for a hot minute. 

Apparently, Schalke's Timo Hildebrand stated that this particular strike was a, "stupid goal." We have to agree, if we are using "stupid" to mean crazy, outrageous and unexpectedly awesome. In a sense, this goal was most definitely stupid. 

Seeing as how Hinteregger had never found the back of the net with his club, there was probably a vet or two on the team ready to kill him when he unloaded from way out there.

Instead, the ball loops beautifully toward the goal as Hildebrand turns and sprints back in vain, no doubt peppering the field with expletives.

Salzburg would go on to win the game 3-1, likely giving Hinteregger a green light to shoot from just about anywhere on the pitch in future matches.

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