'SportsCenter' Commercial Has Another Hilarious Hit with Rickie Fowler Spot

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 15, 2013

You can always count on ESPN's SportsCenter to properly explain some of sports' greatest unsolved mysteries. 

From pointing out athletes and plays that are as cool as that other side of the pillow to the reason Rickie Fowler wears clothes louder than Chris Berman, it has you covered. 

Every time ESPN busts out one of these commercials, sports fans watch with confidence knowing they will be entertained. 

In this particular case, SportsCenter's John Anderson is the lucky person to have cracked the real reason behind Fowler's bright-orange outfit. 

Fowler actually thinks he is wearing a far more subdued outfit, and he also thinks he is drinking the strong stuff and pouring milk into it.

Only time will tell if this will be a classic. There is something to be said for another new spot having lasting power with fans.


It seems Clayton Kershaw is a bad man, even while he is on the phone ordering something in a nice taupe color. 

As for Fowler, we can now sit back and enjoy all the outfits his colorblindness garners at this week's British Open. 

For the curious few, CBS Sports' Kyle Porter has a breakdown of all four days of brilliance, including a Sunday outfit that promises to be brighter and louder than the head-to-toe orange getup he is wearing in this commercial. 

Now, if ESPN could properly explain why Berman continues to scream "Back!" at television viewers every year at the Home Run Derby, that would be great. 


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