Boxing: Bob Arum 'Concerned' Over Pacquiao's Finances

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Boxing: Bob Arum 'Concerned' Over Pacquiao's Finances
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

An article at is reporting that the huge sums of money Manny Pacquiao is making from his big fights should be put aside.

Arum said "I'm not going to stick that money in his bank. I am going to sit down with him and Jinkee (Pacquiao's wife) and guys like Lito (Atienza) and Chavit (Singson) whom I respect and make sure he puts it some place where he can't get his hands on it."

Is Arum really 'helping' Manny out? We have all seen what happens to great fighters once the money really starts pouring in. From Tyson on down this type of instant cash has taken out more fighters than a nasty right hook. Will this type of 'intervention' lead Manny down the right path?

Pacquiao already has investments. He has a ten-floor apartment complex in the Hollywood area, a couple of houses in the Philippines and a new house being built in Hancock part. Besides the new house being 'new' he is getting a great deal on it during this current downturn in the economy.

It only benefits everyone involved to make sure Pacquiao doesn't burn through his cash. There is still plenty of money to be made not to mention the health and well being of Manny himself. Which one is Bob Arum more concerned with?

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