WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results: MITB All-Stars Outshined by Also-Rans

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

WWE wasn't subtle about the balance of star power in each of its respective Money in the Bank matches.

One match featured six former world champions, or as WWE branded them, "All-Stars." Four of these All-Stars were former WWE champions. 

The field also featured three former Money in the Bank winners and would be the landing spot for the much-heralded return of Rob Van Dam. 

The other was the World Heavyweight Money in the Bank match, which didn't even receive a stinking nickname. 

That Money in the Bank match was WWE's version of the NBA's Rising Stars challenge, which, ironically, is devoid of actual stars and serves as an unheralded precursor to the actual NBA All-Star Game. 

Being branded the B-Team was clearly a point of motivation for the participants involved. Their  collective star power didn't come close to rivaling that of their All-Star counterparts.

However, future stars such as Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes—who stole the show—shined in what was a physical and acrobatic masterpiece. 

They used creative spots, storytelling and a hot crowd at its freshest to their advantage. The Real Americans—Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro—worked together, at one point creating a human ladder to flirt with victory. 

The finish furthered a TV storyline, as Damien Sandow sacrificed his friendship with BFF Cody Rhdoes to win the match. 

The so-called All-Star match paled in comparison. It was self-indulgent and lazy, with the key stars relying more on their popularity than having an actual match. Basking in superstardom was the chief priority of the All-Stars.

At one point, fans chanted "We want tables." Of course, this is the politically correct version of a "boring" chant. What the fans wanted was a better match and the ladders and All-Stars just weren't cutting it.

A tables chant was absent during the supposed also-rans' Money in the Bank match. They didn't need tables to pop that crowd and Philadelphia knew it.

The blue-brand Money in the Bank match will become the premier match in the MITB franchise from a wrestling standpoint. That field is traditionally younger, faster, stronger and, most importantly, hungrier. 

The night's true All-Stars helped the pay-per-view reach its peak one match into the show.


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