Best Feuds for John Cena Following His Title Defense at Money in the Bank

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 15, 2013

Best Feuds for John Cena Following His Title Defense at Money in the Bank

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    Following his impressive submission victory over Mark Henry at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, WWE champion John Cena needs a new opponent.

    But who will it be? Who can work with Cena to create a fun, memorable feud that serves as an antidote to all the McMahon family shenanigans currently hindering WWE programming?

    Well, as Cena heads into SummerSlam, let's take a look at just some of the candidates he could defend his belt against.

5. Antonio Cesaro

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    After several months stuck in B-show hell, Antonio Cesaro's association with crazed xenophobe Zeb Colter has put him firmly back on the map.

    Is a feud with Cena in the near future at all possible?

    OK, so the “We the People” stable is pretty wretched, but WWE still appears to be strongly behind it, judging by how Cesaro, Colter and Swagger have been pushed.

    And who wouldn't like to see Colter, as Cesaro's manager, interact and argue with Cena on the mic? That would be worth it on its own.

    There's also the fact that Cesaro and Cena could produce some fantastic matches. Cena is as good a performer as he has ever been and Cesaro may be the best wrestler in the company right now.

    The former ROH star deserves a shot at the big time. Why doesn't the company give him one?

4. CM Punk

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    John Cena and CM Punk can always be relied on to deliver quality wrestling matches—just check out their thrilling bout on Raw earlier this year. The two usually deliver great promos as well, partly thanks to their vastly contrasting personalities.

    Considering the lack of depth in Raw's main event scene, it seems inevitable that these two will face off again in the future.

    But the downside? Fans have seen it all before. Is there really anything fresh that another Cena/Punk program can offer?

3. Sheamus

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    Putting it mildly, Sheamus wasn't really over at Money in the Bank.

    The Irish star worked incredibly hard—and took some dangerous and brutal-looking bumps—but the audience never seemed behind him much at all.

    Since he is floundering so badly as a babyface, is it time for him to turn heel and feud with Cena over the belt? It's been a while since those two fought, after all.

    Frankly, WWE has to do something to freshen up the guy's character because he is getting incredibly stale.

2. Randy Orton

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    With an Orton heel turn always a strong possibility, could Cena and Orton feud again in the future? Hey, if Orton is going to undergo a drastic character change, how better to establish himself than by going straight after the company's top babyface?

    And he did win the important Money in the Bank briefcase at the pay-per-view on Sunday night. This means the two will probably clash at some point, assuming Cena still has the title.

    Will Orton's heel turn come about after he blindsides the champion to win the belt in the upcoming weeks?

    However, similarly to Punk/Cena, Orton/Cena has a strong “seen it all before” feeling to it. Would anyone be that interested in seeing them wrestle again? This isn't 2007 anymore.


1. Daniel Bryan

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    Despite coming up short in the Money in the Bank ladder bout, Daniel Bryan still delivered a terrific, awe-inspiring performance in the main event.

    In a match where everyone performed very well, he still managed to stand out. His comeback towards the end, in particular, was spectacular.

    He also had the sell-out crowd in Philadelphia firmly behind him all the way. Did it sound deflated when Orton won or what?

    Coming out of the show, many Bryan supporters may be wondering if the Cena/Bryan SummerSlam bout that was rumored by (h/t will be taking place after all.

    Well, why can't it? Bryan doesn't necessarily need the briefcase to get a title shot, does he?