WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Most Exciting Moments from PPV Event

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 15, 2013

image from WWE.com
image from WWE.com

How many people underestimated the YouTube pre-show match at Money in the Bank on Sunday? I surely did.

In a pay-per-view event that had its share of awesome moments, the pre-show battle for the tag team gold was the best match of the night. The champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins put on a show with the challengers, The Usos.

The match had too many exciting sequences to single out just one. In case you missed it, check out this highlight reel from WWE Fan Nation's YouTube page. Skip to the 35:36 mark to see the action.

The four-man superplex thing has been done before, but not too much to make the spectacular maneuver lose its appeal. Reigns' Superman punch to the back of Jey Uso's head was an underrated move, and his ring-clearing flurry that culminated with a Patrick Willis-like spear was an awesome capper.

The Usos certainly had their moments as they worked exceptionally well with Reigns and Rollins. 

This is a feud fans have to be begging to see more of in future pay-per-views. If the Usos can somehow put together a few compelling promos that come within sniffing distance of what The Shield have produced, this could be the best tag team feud in years.

What else made us say "wow" on Sunday night?


Cody Rhodes' Performance in the World Heavyweight Championship Contract Ladder Match

Rhodes deserved to win, not just because he's been in the WWE for six years and hasn't been close to winning either major championship, but primarily because he did great in-ring work on Sunday. Unfortunately, all he'll get is a pat on the back in articles like this and the five stitches shown in the image above from WWE's Instagram account.

Rhodes landed a Beautiful Disaster kick as well as consecutive Crossroads. 

It was a cool—but predictable—twist when Damien Sandow betrayed him to capture the MITB briefcase, but anyone evaluating the pay-per-view would be remiss if they left out Rhodes' stellar showing.


RVD is Still the Man

Fans at the Wells Fargo Center should have been chanting "You still got it!" Rob Van Dam hasn't been retired, but he hasn't exactly been working regularly either. You couldn't tell by his performance on Sunday night.

Considering what it takes to be RVD in the ring and the fact that he is 42 years old, he made sure the WWE got their money's worth if his appearance at MITB was a one-time deal.

The RVD show came equipped with spinning wheel kicks, the Rolling Thunder, a Five-Star Frog Splash and a sick military press of Christian.

This guy is truly one of a kind.


The Viper's RKO of RVD off the Ladder

RVD did look great in his WWE return, but the Viper culminated a nice match with a nasty RKO to the legend to set up his victory.

Randy Orton yanked RVD's leg off the ladder and caught him in one motion to deliver his emphatic finishing maneuver. This is just another example why cutters are the best type of finishing move a wrestler can have.


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