Biggest Hits and Misses from WWE Money in the Bank

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IIJuly 15, 2013

Biggest Hits and Misses from WWE Money in the Bank

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    The WWE is on a roll with pay-per-views in 2013 and last night's Money in the Bank continued that trend.

    There were some questionable creative decisions made but the quality of the action more than made up for them.

    We got the return of Mr. Monday Night (even if he didn't become Mr. Money in the Bank) and plenty of memorable moments.

    The following are the biggest hits and misses from WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

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Miss: Sandow Wins the Blue Briefcase

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    It's just too soon for Damien Sandow.

    I should immediately clarify by saying that Sandow is very talented and could one day be a valuable fixture in WWE's main event scene.

    However, his character just isn't ready for the big time just yet. As the announcers mentioned, Sandow hasn't even won a title yet in the WWE.

    In all fairness, this miss could turn into a hit if WWE books The Intellectual Savior of the Masses correctly from now on.

    In the past, they've often had Mr. Money in the Bank do lots of jobs before cashing in. This desperately needs to be avoided if Sandow is to be made a star. 

    At the very least we should get an interesting feud out of Rhodes and Sandow.

Hit: A Heel Gets a Clean Win

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    This match hadn't garnered a whole lot of attention moving into the pay-per-view, but it turned out quite well.

    Curtis Axel defeated The Miz to retain his intercontinental championship, a result that was predictable enough.

    What made this a hit is that Paul Heyman was ejected from ringside early on in the match.

    It was a little sadistic of WWE to deprive the Philadelphia audience of one of their heroes, but it was very refreshing to see a heel score a clean win over a babyface.

    It was also good to see a midcard title defended on pay-per-view. Let's just hope next time the buildup is better.

Miss: Ryback Gets a Cheap PPV Win

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    Before Money in the Bank, Ryback was on a pay-per-view losing streak that begun last October at Hell in a Cell.

    In other words, Big Hungry was overdue for a big win. Enter Chris Jericho, the veteran who always puts people over. 

    Young star who needs a win plus older talent who always puts others over obviously equals a win for Ryback, but it wasn't as decisive as it should have been.

    After a good and balanced match, Ryback scored a pin via roll-up.

    As a fan of Jericho it was nice to see him being somewhat protected, but since everyone else on the roster seems to be able to beat Y2J, it didn't really do much for Ryback.

Hit: Ziggler and Del Rio Steal the Show

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    The screwy finish was what it was, but Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler had the match of the night at Money in the Bank.

    As prepared as I was, it was still sad to see The Showoff fail to reclaim the world heavyweight championship.

    Even sadder still, F4Wonline (via pwmania) has reported that he'll soon be out of the title picture altogether.

    Either way, it's been a while since a match for the big gold belt stole the show, but that's exactly what this terrific match did.

    The whole bout was wonderfully paced and consistently thrilling from start to finish.

    AJ Lee's interruption immediately told us Dolph would be losing, but it was even more devastating because it broke up such an entertaining match.

    The Internet fan inside of me hopes that we'll see Ziggler triumph over Del Rio at SummerSlam, but if their feud is over at least it ended with an outstanding match. 

Miss: Cena vs. Henry Slowed Down the Pace

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    If Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio stole the show, then these two slowed the show.

    We all knew what the result would be. It doesn't matter how good Mark Henry's fake retirement promo was; John Cena wasn't dropping the gold tonight.

    With that foregone conclusion it was hard to really get into this match, as the two plodded along with sluggish brawling until the finishing moves started to come out.

    This wasn't a bad match, but it takes a very special opponent to make the viewer not want to fast forward past the inevitable Cena win.

    But hey, at least it didn't close the show.

Hit: The Viper Is Lethal Again

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    A lot happened in the Money in the Bank All-Stars match.

    Daniel Bryan was cheated out of a win by Curtis Axel, and then Paul Heyman turned on CM Punk. I guess the WWE didn't want to use a valuable Lesnar appearance on a run-in?

    Either way, Randy Orton ended up winning the red briefcase.

    With so many amazing talents involved in the match, it's hard to be overly excited; it would've been equally exciting to see the match won by Christian, RVD or Bryan.

    However, this is a long overdue big win for The Viper. The nine time world champ has been putting over others for over a year now.

    A heel turn would be nice, but Orton's presence in the WWE championship scene is refreshing nonetheless. 

Hit: Consistent Match Quality

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    Money in the Bank featured both good and bad booking decisions, but it also gave us a lot of quality wrestling.

    While the WWE championship match was dull compared to the other bouts on the card, there really weren't any bad matches.

    Both Money in the Bank matches delivered, and we got an excellent world heavyweight championship match.

    On top of that, Ryback vs. Jericho and Axel vs. Miz were both strong undercard clashes.

    WWE should also be commended for giving the divas more than 90 seconds; hopefully this is the beginning of a revitalization of the women's division (but probably not). 

    All told, Money in the Bank was a very worthwhile pay-per-view offering from the WWE.