Feuds That Would Revitalize Sheamus's Stagnating WWE Career

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 19, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Sheamus is a WWE Superstar who seems to be standing still. His current babyface run began back in 2011, and not much at all has changed about his character since that time. Though at any given time he seems to be one of the company’s most popular Superstars, he does have his critics who are, quite frankly, somewhat sick of his shtick.

But I believe that all he needs are the right opponents, the right feuds, to revitalize his character and end the stagnation that he seems to be mired in.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are currently WWE Tag Team champions and are riding high with Dean Ambrose as The Shield. While the trio is a well-oiled machine and there really has been no indication that Roman will go solo right now, I believe that this is a feud that could bode well for both him and Sheamus.

Sheamus does very well in the big fight environment. His style is very rough and tumble, very smash mouth, and he is one of the toughest guys in WWE. He is far from being a technician; he is a brawler. What better way to show off some of that prowess than against one of the strongest Superstars in the company?

Roman Reigns is a powerhouse who has all the qualities of the classic pro wrestling big man but with real athleticism as well. This Samoan Superman is solid muscle whose physique and strong-man style is begging for a hard-nosed fighter like Sheamus to put him to the test.

I can envision these two guys going at it in the ring, trading big punches and chops, with neither man giving an inch to the other. The tests of strength alone would be worth it; the first few minutes of this one would be spent with both men trying to establish their dominance in the ring.

This feud would do well for Roman because it would allow fans to see him as a singles talent, a worker who can stand on his own when the situation calls for it. It would also be a possible foreshadowing of the future, as Roman definitely has the look and work ethic to succeed on WWE’s main event level. He just needs the right veteran to lend a hand.

Sheamus could be that veteran, and I believe that a victory over Roman would help the Great White reestablish himself as an alpha male in WWE. He would be seen as a Superstar who took the best that the younger, stronger Reigns had to offer and still found a way to win. Roman’s loss could be chalked up to inexperience while Sheamus could say that he got at least a modicum of revenge on The Shield.

Rob Van Dam

As stated earlier, Sheamus has been a face for two years now, and the truth is that many fans have had enough of his smiling, carefree ways. After all, he has always been portrayed as a fighter, a bruiser who is tough as nails and takes no prisoners. But that’s a little hard to accept when he is always cracking jokes and having fun every time he’s in the ring.

So if a new heel turn did happen, I think that Rob Van Dam would be a great opponent for him. Where Roman’s and Sheamus’ styles are very similar, Van Dam’s is totally different. And that could make for a very interesting matchup.

RVD’s athletic martial arts style would be a nice contrast to the brawling nature of Sheamus. Sheamus very seldom leaves his feet to execute a move, and I can imagine him catching RVD in mid-air to counter his high-flying offense.

Sheamus could approach the rivalry from the perspective of the WWE mainstay, the guy who bashed his opponents in one war after another while RVD sat back enjoying life with his laid-back attitude. Sheamus could be presented as a Superstar who was always ready for a fight, scowling at Van Dam while RVD simply just smiled and pointed his thumbs at his back.

Van Dam’s newest run in WWE may not be what it was in years past. In fact, he may take on the role of Chris Jericho or even Christian; he still has a good win/loss record but is very willing to do the job whenever the situation calls for it.

He could put Sheamus over, helping him regain his edge. And right now, the Celtic Warrior could use a hand with that.

Brock Lesnar

This is a good one. We all know that Brock is a killing machine, a beast of a man who cares only about destruction and carnage. Nothing gets in his way and no one can stop him. Lesnar goes into a fight on his feet and usually leaves the same way.

But what happens if he gets in the ring with Sheamus? What happens if Brock butts heads with a guy who is tough, loves to fight and never backs down?

John Cena is a physically strong Superstar who keeps coming back for more. Triple H is a very resilient veteran who will do anything it takes to win a match. But both men struggled with the intensity and overall physicality of Brock Lesnar. Would the same be said of Sheamus?

I can envision Sheamus taking Brock’s offense, absorbing each and every blow, then coming right back at him with a flurry of his own. Like Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield, Brock would play the role of the overconfident pit bull who believes no one can beat him until Sheamus takes his best and gives it right back to him.  

And not even losing an ear would stop Sheamus.

Shamus is obviously not an MMA-style Superstar, but he doesn’t need to be. In the world of WWE, anyone can lose on any given night. Brock would be just as susceptible to a loss from Sheamus as he would anyone else in the company. Just imagine the bragging rights that Sheamus would have, the momentum earned from getting a win over Brock Lesnar.

Despite what happens next with Sheamus, I believe that he needs something fresh to renew his character. He does not necessarily have to turn heel again; all he really needs is the right feud, the right opponent to help him regain some of the edge that many fans feel he lost a long time ago.

One feud could make all the difference in in the world for Sheamus. But with whom will it be?