WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results: Mark Henry Deserved More Dignified Loss

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 15, 2013

image from WWE instagram
image from WWE instagram

There is no way in the world Mark Henry should have lost to John Cena by tapout. This concept isn't born from the mind of a Cena-hater. It's conceived from the element of common sense and all that's decent in the world of WWE.

After a series promos that rival any program the company has seen in a while, Henry was dismissed by the WWE champion at Money in the Bank on Sunday with an STF? Yes, the submission maneuver is one of Cena's finishers, but there's still a nasty stigma associated with tapping out in the WWE.

That is especially the case for a monster like Henry.

Everyone should have fully expected to see both superstars kick out of their opponent's finishing maneuvers—and Henry even escaped Cena's first two attempts at the STF. But having him tap to the champion's B-move was disrespectful. Some sort of controversial win for Cena would have made more sense considering the awesome buildup to the match.

After all the things that transpired between Cena and Henry leading up to Money in the Bank, the match seemed anti-climactic. Perhaps the feud will be continued somehow on Monday Night Raw, but we have to wonder how we'll be made to care after the way this one ended.

If Henry is simply going to step aside to facilitate the inevitable Randy Orton-Cena feud, then what was the purpose of the fake retirement speech and the whole nine yards? Was it just to make us care about a match that wasn't even the main event at Money in the Bank?

Demonze Spruiel of the D and Davis Show in Chicago wanted more from Henry as well. He tweeted:

This feud clearly had the potential to be compelling for the long term. Henry doesn't seem to fit in an angle with Cena and Orton, and after being dispatched cleanly by Cena and Sheamus in his last two feuds, the World's Strongest Man is being robbed of his presence.

Now there's a question as to whether fans will buy him as a scary dude in his next angle. Henry deserves better than that. He has delivered 17 years of awesome feats of strength, championship reigns and solid professionalism.

If Henry wasn't going to take the title from Cena, we should at least have had some doubt as to which superstar was the better man. Cena could have defeated Brodus Clay or Sweet T the same way he did Henry.

Something is terribly wrong about that concept.


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