Boston Celtics: Doc Rivers Blows Shot at Coach of the Year in Loss to Wizards

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2008

Dear Doc,

In the past year I've loved you, I've hated you, and most recently... I've been completely perplexed.

You've taken the theme of team unity and "Ubuntu" and turned it into a 61-15 season before tonight's complete coaching collapse.  You had silenced most of the doubters, including myself, up until this point.  In a contest with no meaning whatsoever, you decided to play your starters late in a game against the Washington Wizards.


I have absolutely no idea.  Not a single one.  The Celtics didn't need the win.  In fact, dropping a game this close to the playoffs might have been a motivating force for the second unit if it was deemed the fault of the bench.

Instead of giving the bench minutes in late-game situations, you chose to return Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  Moments later, in came Ray Allen.  Had they remained resting on the bench, this would have been a meaningless win for the Wizards' starters over the Celtics' bench.  Instead, it was a legitimate win for Washington over Boston.  Even worse, you missed a shot at developing bench players in a situation where they needed to play from behind.

In my opinion you were neck and neck with Byron Scott (and even held an edge over him) until tonight's game.  The fact of the matter is that both teams started at 0-0 in October and they will each finish with an MVP candidate.  What separates the two?  Scott is still playing for position in the playoffs, and Doc, you're not.

You blew it.  You really blew it.  Let's face it... I wanted win number 62 (on the way to a possibly 67-win season) as much as you did.  

What's the problem with that?

I'm a fan drinking a cold one, watching the game.  You're a multi-million dollar professional basketball coach.

I am on my way to an undefeated season in NBA Live 2008 while, admittedly, using Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen far too often.  If this is your plan for the playoffs, we're all in for a rude awakening in the coming months.

Doc, you're not a fan you're a coach.  This isn't a video game, it's the NBA.

Now that you've blown your shot at coach of the year with such a foolish mistake, let's make the most of the last five games and develop our crucial bench players.

I'm not mad, I'm just warning you Doc.  The playoffs are a different animal altogether.  We all start at 0-0 once again.

Now lets rededicate ourselves to playing the best basketball and let's do it together.