The Shield Versus the Usos Should Continue After WWE Money in the Bank

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2013

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Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield retained their WWE Tag Team Championships at the company’s Money in the Bank kickoff that took place on Sunday, July 14. They defeated the challenge of Jimmy and Jey Uso, a well-established tag team in WWE.

Though the match has ended, I believe the Usos challenging for the belts should not. This is a rivalry that deserves to continue.

Again, Jey and Jimmy are the more established, more experienced tag team in this equation. Because of that, they should take any defeat that comes their way in stride. After all, they have been down this road before, and the truth is that one loss is not necessarily the end of the world for them.

The same cannot be said of any other duo that has faced The Shield in the ring, of course. Other tandems were composed of Superstars that were linked out of necessity; Randy Orton and Sheamus are a prime example of this.

When those teams faced The Shield and fell short, it was a very big deal, a disappointing failure that caused the individual Superstars to momentarily be knocked back on their heels. For the Usos, however, this was just another night.

They just need to shake it off and come back for more.

Of course, even if that does happen, why should the feud continue? What reason would fans have to care about Jimmy and Jey after they cleanly dropped the pin against Rollins and Reigns?

The fact is that the Philadelphia crowd at Money in the Bank was very supportive of the match, chanting “This is awesome” about halfway through the contest. Though fans were certainly excited by the return of Rob Van Dam, the fact is that these four men grabbed their attention and held it for the duration of the match.

WWE may have actually stumbled onto what could end up being a truly exciting rivalry.

There’s nothing like a high-octane, high-impact, well-wrestled tag team match, and this is most definitely the case with The Shield and the Usos. The Shield has functioned for so long as a trio that now Seth and Roman have the opportunity to flex their muscles and show what they can do as a duo. What better way to show off than with two true tag team experts?

Let’s not forget the family connection runs deep within this feud, as Roman and the Usos are cousins. They represent the modern face of the most popular, most accomplished Samoan family the pro wrestling business has ever see. And I believe this is a fact that could very well be exploited at some point down the road.

The truth is that the Usos and The Shield are four great examples of the WWE’s future, four guys who are young and hungry for the main event spotlight. This is the perfect time for them to shine, to prove themselves in front of fans all over the world.

The WWE Tag Team Championships at one time were a true cornerstone of the company, and it’s only because of the quality teams that battle for them that could allow that to be the case once again. With The Shield and the Usos, it could very well happen again now.

Bring on Round 2.