WWE Money in the Bank: Grading Each Match

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank: Grading Each Match

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    One of the WWE's most popular pay-per-views of the year made its return Sunday night as Money in the Bank rolled through Philadelphia.

    Of course, the marquee matches on the show were the two Money in the Bank ladder matches that can earn a wrestler on the roster a title shot. Numerous "prospects" graced the World Heavyweight Championship match, while the "all-stars" were part of the WWE Championship match.

    Also, John Cena headlined opposite of Mark Henry for the WWE title after a solid buildup leading into this pay-per-view.

    Here are the grades for each match.

The Shield vs. the Usos

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    Man, was the crowd hot for this match. And it was just the pre-show!

    I am convinced The Shield could put on a high-quality match against David Arquette and Jay Leno. They are almost incapable of having a boring match.

    In the end, The Shield retained in a very exciting opening match. The Usos put on a great performance as well and seem to be pretty over. It will be exciting if their push continues.

    On a side note, does anybody else think it's weird/stupid for the WWE to have commercial breaks during their YouTube pre-show?

    Grade: A-

World Heavyweight Money in the Bank Match

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    My prediction came true regarding who would win the Money in the Bank match: Damien Sandow.

    As far as from a match standpoint, this wasn't the best Money in the Bank match of all time, but there were definitely some very exciting parts. Having the Shield and the Usos get involved was great, and it kind of teased a future down the road with the Real Americans.

    Dean Ambrose really stood out, as did Cody Rhodes. There weren't as many crazy bumps or spots as last year, but it was exciting nonetheless.

    The win by Sandow sets up a feud with Rhodes down the road (no pun intended). He double-crossed him to win the briefcase and was the right choice to win, in my opinion.

    Grade: A-

The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

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    I am happy that Curtis Axel is getting a push still. He is great in the ring and adds an intriguing element to Paul Heyman's enterprise.

    The Miz, not so much. His role as a babyface is so awful, it's almost hard to watch.

    The match they put on was okay, but after the ladder match, the crowd wasn't really into it. It could have been better, it could have been worse.

    I wish they had kept the Perfectplex as Axel's finisher because the move he used to finish Miz looks too similar to Dean Ambrose's move.

    Grade: B-

AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn

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    It's great to see that the women are finally putting on good matches again. There has long been a dark period for women's wrestling in the WWE.

    The rivalry between AJ and Kaitlyn has been great. Their chemistry is off the charts and they consistently perform.

    Kaitlyn almost won, but her elbow was the focal point of the match. She hit a spear but was in too much pain. AJ would take advantage and earn the submission win.

    It wasn't as good as their match at Payback, but it was solid. They did well for the time they were given.

    Hopefully, we see this rivalry continue. It's the only intriguing thing in the women's part of the division right now.

    Grade: B

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

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    To be honest, it was great to see Ryback get a win. His character's direction was going down the wrong road, and he actually has some solid heat, as showcased tonight.

    Jericho really brought out a solid match in Ryback. There were some great exchanges from both men, including the reversed DDT set up by the Shell Shocked finisher. 

    I don't think this rivalry has much shelf life, so don't expect it to last much longer. Hopefully, Ryback can get back to near-top heel status and Jericho can continue to give us great matches with a variety of opponents.

    Grade: B

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    This may have been the match of the night. The implications of it are just as important .

    Dolph Ziggler and Alberto del Rio have great in-ring chemistry and are among the best workers with the company. Everything they did was a work of art, from the Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker to the bridging German suplex and everything in between.

    The match ended via disqualification when AJ interfered. This will cause a rift between the dating couple, which will likely play out on Raw.

    Del Rio retained, but the fans were treated to an amazing match.

    Grade: A

John Cena vs. Mark Henry

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    Is anybody already sick of John Cena being champion? I am not a Cena hater, but he literally beats everyone. It's so played.

    This match was pretty good, but it didn't live up to the great lead-up, in my opinion. I hope this feud continues, because Henry is really one of the best heels the company has.

    Having Henry tap out was weak, if there's one bad thing I can point out. There were some great power moves and good exchanges, but that was kind of a dumb ending. 

    Bring on the Money in the Bank match!

    Grade: B

WWE Money in the Bank Match

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    I was two-for-two on my Money in the Bank ladder match predictions: Randy Orton took home the victory.

    That match was very rough, in a good way. CM Punk got busted open on his forehead, Orton was bleeding from the bridge of his nose and there might have been one or two others who were bleeding.

    Sheamus took a serious beating throughout the match. He took some big bumps and almost got legitimately hurt a couple times.

    Rob Van Dam was the all-star of the match. His surges and overall performance were commendable, and it was great to have him back.

    Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman's involvement was huge, as Heyman turned his back on Punk. Axel attacked Daniel Bryan, which may lure him into a rivalry with him.

    All in all, it was a great ladder match. Orton winning will finally put him back in the spotlight and give him something to do.

    Grade: A