When Will Money in the Bank Winners Randy Orton and Damien Sandow Cash In?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Randy Orton and Damien Sandow were the big winners at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday July 14. Each man pulled down a briefcase in their respective ladder matches and now both have a guaranteed shot at the WWE and world title.

But when will they cash in?

It’s a game we have all played so many times before. From the moment that the briefcase is brought down the ladder, we start debating on when and where the winner will choose to walk the aisle and hand it to a referee.

And we’re all likely doing it again right now.

In the case of Randy Orton, I believe that we’re in for a great upcoming match. Every time he and current champ John Cena have squared off, we have not been disappointed. They have turned in one hard-hitting affair after another, and their eventual faceoff should be no different.

These two men have great chemistry, and I for one am looking forward to this match.

For me, there are only two men who have really pushed John in the ring and with whom he has done his best work; CM Punk and Randy Orton. Punk and Cena have had their runs together. But we have not seen Orton versus Cena in quite a while.

There’s no time like the present.

I believe that Randy will cash in sooner rather than later. Right now, he is a babyface, so as long as that holds, he will most likely challenge John Cena man to man. The match could take place as early as SummerSlam, which is coming up on August 18. No doubt about it, if that happens then it will surely be a great way to end the event and perhaps even qualify as a match of the year candidate.

While there is no guarantee that Randy could cash in like a man against Cena, the fact is that he has been a very reliable babyface for a long time. There’s really no reason to believe he would choose to attack Cena when he’s at his lowest point.

But if Randy were to turn heel, then all bets are off.

Because the heel Randy Orton will do whatever it takes to destroy John Cena. These two men are complete opposites, and even though they came into WWE at the same time, they are actually mirror images of each other.

Cena represents the good nature, the heart that the best babyfaces have. He is about respect, hard work and determination. But when Randy works heel, he is venomous, shallow and twisted. He only cares about himself and only wants to decimate his opponent.

Basically, Cena’s character went left and Orton’s character went right. They make excellent opponents for each other.

So if Orton turns heel, the cashing in could happen at any moment. It could happen on a Raw. Or on a pay-per-view. It could happen next week, next month or next year. This is the great unknown when a heel has the briefcase.

And that brings us to Damien Sandow, the man with the guaranteed world title shot thanks to his win at Money in the Bank. This is a good one.

Sandow’s tag team partner, Cody Rhodes, was on the verge of taking down the blue briefcase when suddenly Damien stopped him. Now we have tag team partners who are surely no longer a tag team. Where once stood two partners are now adversaries.

And that could pose a serious problem for Damien Sandow.

Because I believe that Damien will have to face and defeat Cody Rhodes before he can cash in his world title shot. I think that Rhodes will challenge Sandow for the briefcase in another ladder match, and there is a good possibility that Cody could end up winning his opportunity against Sandow.

But if that does occur and Damien retains his case, then I think he will wait as long as possible to cash it in. I believe that as a heel, Damien is more concerned with getting the timing just right before he takes a chance. After all, Alberto Del Rio lost the belt once already due to a cash-in by Dolph Ziggler, so his guard will surely be up.

He will be ready for any attack that could come his way. Of course, if Dolph were to take him out first, that would open the door for Sandow to charge the ring and win his first every World Heavyweight Championship. Again, this one is up in the air.

At the end of the day, a lot of when Randy Orton cashes in his red briefcase for his WWE title shot depends on which side of the fence he’s on. If he’s a face then I believe he will do it face to face like a man. He could either call John Cena out or interrupt Cena, to let him know that he has signed a contract and the next pay-per-view will be the night it happens.

If he’s a heel, however, then he will show up at any time, much like Damien Sandow will. Of course, Sandow must first get past Cody Rhodes, who I believe will almost immediately stand in his way.

So to answer the question as to when exactly Randy Orton and Damien Sandow will cash in their Money in the Bank briefcases; it’s really anyone’s guess.

We will all find out together.