Projections and Smart Feuds for the Wyatt Family After Money in the Bank

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2013

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Bray Wyatt and his family did not appear on WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday July 14. The enigmatic head of the Wyatt Family laid low, his image appearing only in a recap of their attack on Kane from the July 8 edition of Monday Night Raw.

But fans are asking the question; just who will the Wyatt Family feud with first in WWE?

One theory that became very popular very quickly after their assault of Kane was the possibility of the Big Red Machine being joined by his brother The Undertaker. This made sense in some ways, but it felt flat.

The biggest reason for that is because of the heat that Taker and Kane had not too long ago against The Shield. When Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns faced the Brothers of Destruction, it was all born out of revenge. It was the established talent taking on the brash, young upstarts who would not show respect to the legends they were challenging.

So for The Wyatt Family to now step up would perhaps be nothing but a repeat of this other feud. Combine that with the fact Undertaker is only getting older and physically he is not the man he once was. Now that possibility of him returning to help his brother Kane seems more than a little unlikely.

And speaking of The Shield, why not match them up against Bray Wyatt’s family?

This is the one that so many fans wanted almost from day one. I suppose this mostly because of the numbers game; three on three. This does make a lot of sense, in large part because of how The Shield has been presented since arriving in WWE.

Like a pack of wild dogs, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns pounced on one unsuspecting victim after another, all in the name of justice. Their misguided cause led them to the door of legendary WWE greats like The Rock, Chris Jericho and of course Undertaker.

And they took out each man with the greatest of ease.

The Shield overrun, they overwhelm, they outnumber and they destroy. And it really doesn’t make a difference what three Superstars are put in front of them; they almost always come out on top. That has been their modus operandi from the very beginning, and it likely always will be.

But against a trio like the Wyatt Family, would The Shield truly be that successful?

Think about what The Shield does psychologically to their opponents. Think about how they mentally break them down, piece by piece. They take such an incredible beating yet always find a way to end on their feet and all they care about is destruction. They find a way to win despite how much they’re beat down and virtually nothing can stop them.

Their reputation precedes them. They have already gained an advantage before the bell rings. Think the same could be said against the Wyatt Family?

Bray Wyatt and company would not be intimidated. They would not be mentally shaken. Strength in numbers means nothing to them, they have that as well. And as far as playing mind games is concerned, I would daresay they know a thing or two about that.

But the issue I have with this is that The Shield and the Wyatt Family are all heels. That’s just how it is. And while it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Bray and his group could turn face if only for a while, I just don’t see it.

They have already debuted against Kane, who is a babyface himself, and left him for dead. To believe that they would now set their sights on The Shield just seems like too far of a stretch.

Perhaps the most intriguing group for the Wyatt Family to feud with is the McMahons. Getting a shot in on Vince McMahon himself would be quite the feather in the cap of the Wyatt Family and would definitely set them up as major players in WWE.

Vince may be running heel right now, but the truth is that changes as the wind blows. And even if Bray Wyatt did not target Vince, he could always target Stephanie. Imagine Daddy’s little girl being terrorized backstage, the victim of the bizarre clan known as the Wyatt Family.

With Triple H as the only real worker in this equation, we could very well see him pair up with Bray as each man represented their family in a pay-per-view showdown.

Of all the possible feuds that could materialize around Bray Wyatt, this is one that perhaps has the most potential to be successful. The truth is that any Superstar who crosses the McMahons is doing so because the company feels he can handle it, that he has a future ahead of him in WWE.

This is definitely the case with Bray, who could be elevated faster than perhaps any of us ever realized.

But perhaps what should happen with the Wyatt Family is something far less complicated. Maybe WWE should keep it simple. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan should randomly pick one Superstar after another, attacking them whenever the mood strikes.

Is it highly reminiscent of The Shield? Yes. Does that mean that the Wyatt Family has to follow the same path as The Shield? Absolutely not.

Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns were ultimately concerned with going up the ladder in WWE. All the destruction, all the carnage, it was all a means to an end. They wanted respect. They earned it. They wanted championships. They won them. They wanted to be considered the future of the company. They most certainly are.

What does Bray Wyatt want? Chaos. Fear. Misery and dread. And he will get it the only way he knows how. For him, title belts mean nothing. He wants to turn WWE upside down because he can. And Kane is only the first of many victims.

The Wyatt Family wants to tear down your idols. They will destroy the status quo. They desire to expose the weaknesses that exist. And they don’t need an immediate feud to make that happen.

Bray Wyatt will orchestrate the madness and entertain fans along the way. Right now, that’s all that matters.