WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Kane Out; Bray Wyatt Hopefully Not in

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 14, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The Wyatt Family finally debuted on the go-home Raw for WWE Money in the Bank. The faction continued to ride its Shield-killing momentum as it attacked Kane, incapacitating the tenured monster. Kane has since been ruled out of WWE's Money in the Bank match. 

The move is, in part, a savvy ploy for last-minute, pay-per-view buys. WWE removed a largely expendable Money in the Bank participant to create speculation on whether or not there will be a replacement. And, if so, who? 

Hopefully, that choice is not Bray Wyatt, who could find himself set up for failure should this be the case. 

Win or lose, the decision to put Bray Wyatt in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match is a high-risk booking move that could backfire. 

The Money in the Bank All-Star lineup is already advertising the return of Rob Van Dam. Another return or surprise appearance within the same match would undermine what would be a crowd-pleasing moment. 

Should Bray Wyatt enter the match and lose, the mystique that has defined the stable will disappear after several weeks of investment. 

On the contrary, a Money in the Bank win would be an unnecessary, premature all-in gamble on Wyatt.  The safest move from there would be to harvest Wyatt's character for several months while carrying the briefcase until he is ready to become a WWE champion. 

But what if he's exposed during that process, and that time never comes? 

Wyatt has limited experience on the main roster. Given WWE's tendency to quickly sour on talents during big pushes, WWE is liable to panic in such a situation leading to Wyatt cashing in his would-be title shot and losing. Not only would this be a fatal blow to The Wyatt Family stable, it would hurt The Money in the Bank brand. 

Many times in wrestling, predictability is a positive as it helps keep a coherent storyline on track. The short-term pique in interest of the surging Bray Wyatt entering the Money in the Bank match might not be worth possible long-term uncertainties. 

The Wyatt Families' talents would best be served through the continued deliberate pacing that as allowed it to become a main-event-caliber stable. 



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