Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Possible Replacements for Kane at Money in the Bank

Step Taylor@steppytayCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2013

Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Possible Replacements for Kane at Money in the Bank

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    According to Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, Kane is officially out of tonight's Money in the Bank ladder match for a WWE Championship contract.

    This is a huge disappointment for fans of the Big Red Machine, but it's not like he was a betting favorite anyhow.

    I'm sure the 46-year-old's body is grateful Kane was booked as the Wyatt Family's first victim.

    One of the burning questions (pun intended) heading into the Money in the Bank pay-per-view is whoif anyonewill replace the Undertaker's kayfabe sibling in the "All-Stars" ladder match.

    Kane's replacement will almost definitely be a returning superstar. With Rob Van Dam's much-anticipated return taking place in the same match, it will be interesting to see how bold WWE are in the choice of a seventh participant.

    Will Kane's replacement steal some of RVD's (Rolling) thunder?

    Could the mystery man have a legitimate chance to win the WWE Championship contract?

    Well, it depends on who steps up.

    Let's peruse the possibilities, shall we?

Big Show

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    Looks like the match may not be missing a large, aging veteran after all.

    Big Show is the front-runner to replace Kane, as WWE decision-makers perpetually delude themselves into believing that people like watching Big Show wrestle.

    The Money in the Bank ladder match is sometimes enhanced by the presence of a giant monster. Remember at WrestleMania 25 when Mark Henry (sort of) caught Kofi Kingston, and then delivered a World's Strongest Slam onto the ladder? That spot alone was worth including Henry in the Money in the Bank match that year.

    Big Show could pull off something similarly spectacular tonight with the match's high-flying workhorses, Christian and/or Daniel Bryan.

    It's not likely Big Show would win the contract, but it can't be ruled out when you consider that the WWE mainstay usually receives a needlessly massive push every year or so.

    My main request for Big Show if he shows up tonight is that he refrain from pulling out his signature "specially reinforced" ladder.

    He always eats up precious match time trying to lift the ridiculous piece of hardware, and you just know Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler will moronically act like it's the first time they've ever seen the prop.

    We've seen it before, guys. It's silly. Put it in Big Show's oversized shed already.

Brock Lesnar

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    The internet is buzzing about the possibility of Brock Lesnar entering his first Money in the Bank ladder match.

    It's an undeniably exciting option because Lesnar is a huge name with unique power, intensity and athleticism. Lesnar's participation in the ladder match would also be a fun way to ignite his feud with CM Punk.

    But I doubt WWE would want to give away physical interaction between Punk and Lesnar in the context of an official match here. Save that for SummerSlam.

    I won't say it's impossible Lesnar will turn up unannounced at Money in the Bank, but it does seem unlikely.

    I predict Lesnar resurfaces tomorrow night on Raw to pick a fight with Punk.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston's innovative wrestling style and sizable bag of ladder-related tricks would make him a terrific addition to the match.

    Sadly, he simply doesn't have the credentials to be included in a match billed as featuring only "All Stars."

    Having held the World and/or WWE Championship is the unofficial prerequisite for a spot in this match, which disqualifies Kingston from contention.

    He has spent the last few years competing for the WWE Tag Team, United States and Intercontinental titles. When he hasn't been wearing gold, he's more or less been a jobber to bigger stars.

    I hope to see Kingston back soon, but it won't be tonight.

Bray Wyatt

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    Bray Wyatt may be indirectly responsible for there being a vacant spot in this ladder match, but he won't be the one to fill it.

    He's far less qualified than the aforementioned Kofi Kingston, and there's no need for WWE to rush Wyatt's development.

    This would be too much too soon. He would inevitably have to lose because he's too fresh a face to be in the WWE Championship picture anytime soon. Why have a promising newcomer lose his debut?

    There's no excuse for it.

    I hope to see Bray Wyatt and his bushy-faced brethren at Money in the Bank, but not as an official part of this match.

    The more unofficial the Wyatt Family's actions are, the better. Worked for Raven's Flock in WCW.

Chris Jericho

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    Yes, I'm aware that Jericho is already booked to face Ryback elsewhere on the card, but WWE has allowed double duty on many occasions.

    Admittedly, the odds of Jericho entering the match are slim.

    But losing to Ryback is all the motivation the Canadian showman would need to hop into the Money in the Bank match for a shot at redemption.

    If he does replace Kane, he instantly becomes a favorite to win.

    At Unforgiven 2008, Chris Jericho attacked then-World Champion CM Punk backstage and replaced him in a Championship Scramble for the title.

    Stunningly, Jericho won.

    If Jericho does something comparably shocking tonight, it would be one of the coolest swerves of 2013.

    Everyone fully expects Jericho to depart WWE shortly to pick up his Fozzy duties, but Jericho loves to subvert expectations and surprise fans.

    Did you expect him to be the second entrant into January's Royal Rumble match?

    Me neither.

Rey Mysterio

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    This is only a possibility if Mysterio has used his considerable time off to get his mind and body healthy enough for a return to the ring.

    Mysterio definitely has the kind of resume necessary to join the match's band of former World and WWE champions.

    Another plus?

    Mysterio is a famous goody two-boots, and his inclusion here would allow the match to still carry the distinction of being WWE's first-ever all-babyface Money in the Bank ladder match.

    If Mysterio is healed up enough to pull off some death-defying spots, I think he could be an exhilarating addition to the match.

    Who do you think will replace Kane tonight?

    Who do you want to replace Kane tonight?

    Let me know by commenting below!

    Enjoy the show, my friends.