NCAA Football 14: Highlighting Most Impressive Aspects from Latest Installment

Jesse ReedCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2013

Photo courtesy of EA Sports on Facebook.
Photo courtesy of EA Sports on Facebook.

Spend just a few minutes playing EA Sports' NCAA Football 14, and you're bound to fall in love with some of the new bells and whistles included in the franchise's latest installment. 

Gameplay is smooth, crisp and responsive, and gamers will appreciate the new features.

While fans of the Madden franchise were treated to the Infinity Engine in last year's game, it is the first time the real-time physics and force-impact system appear in the NCAA Football series.

Thankfully, the tech team at EA Sports has worked out many of the bugs that appeared in Madden 13 (players falling and flopping like rag dolls after plays, etc.). The Infinity Engine 2 is a more polished version, and it provides a bevy of new ways to enjoy the game.


Improved Running Game

One of the things you'll notice almost immediately when you start playing NCAA Football 14 is that your running backs respond differently than they did in earlier versions of the game. 

They actually move like real running backs. 

Quick cuts instead of circular routes will take some time to get used to. Additionally, your offensive linemen do a much better job of blocking intelligently and actually hold their blocks on occasion (gasp!).

Once you get the hang of how to maneuver through your offensive line and around defenders, you may not be inclined to utilize another passing play for a while.

Also, EA Sports has greatly increased the numbers of option plays available. There are now 30 different option types at your disposal, and teams that feature mobile quarterbacks are now more difficult to stop than ever before.


Ultimate Team

Have you ever wanted to see what Bo Jackson would be like in a modern video game? As most of you are surely aware, Jackson was a demigod in Tecmo Bowl, but some of today's gamers don't appreciate the classic pixeled jewel. 

Here's your chance to play with Jackson on a next-gen console.  

NCAA Football 14's "Ultimate Team" provides gamers with the opportunity to collect virtual card packs and assemble teams that feature the biggest legends in the history of college football. Along with Jackson, gamers can collect Peyton Manning, Barry Sanders and Randy Moss, just to name a few legends.

Gamers will have the option to take on single challenges offline, and they will also have the option of pitting their assembled teams against other gamers online in 10-game-season modes. 

Collecting these cards to put together a team filled with your favorite legends is a blast, and you'll be hooked from the start.


Nike Skills Trainer

For gamers hoping to become online powerhouses, this feature is the crown jewel.

The "Nike Skills Trainer" is just what you need to get a handle on the subtle nuances of the new game. Those who spend time working out the kinks will flourish, while those who don't will simply stay average, at best.

New features like "acceleration burst," "stumble recovery" and "force-impact trucking and hitting" require a bit of getting used to in order to utilize them to their maximum effectiveness. Additionally, it'll take some time to perfect the 30 different option types.

The Nike Skills Trainer will be a huge boon to those who wish to become proficient in the little things. All the little things add up, however, and those who learn how to incorporate them into their gameplay will emerge as the best of the best.


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