Report: Last Minute Change for Daniel Bryan on Raw

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIJuly 16, 2013


Last night's Raw was a huge night for Daniel Bryan as he enters the biggest feud of his career against John Cena. So why wasn't he on Raw before the announcement at the very end?

According to F4Wonline (via, Bryan was initially scheduled to perform but time constraints caused him to be cut.

Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett were scheduled to have a lengthy match on last night's Raw but it was nixed because the promo segment with Paul Heyman and CM Punk went around four minutes too long. Instead of cutting Bryan vs. Barrett short, officials decided to nix the match and give Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho more time. Van Dam and Jericho went around 22 minutes and were originally scheduled for a 14-minute match.

Well, if you're going to cut time from Daniel Bryan, there weren't any two more worthy segments on the show to give it to.

The confrontation between Punk and Lesnar, as well as the match between RVD and Y2J (on RAW called by JBL), were two excellent segments that certainly made use of the extra time.

Still, a match between the two NXT Season One competitors would be memorable, too. Bryan actually seems to be incapable of having a bad match with anyone, and the two have worked well before.

What do you think? Should Bryan have faced Barrett in a shorter match, or did officials make the right call by cutting it? Do you still want to see the match between Barrett and Bryan? Let us know in the comments section below.