Cody Rhodes Begins His Ascent to the Top at Money in the Bank

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2013


Cody Rhodes has been doing too little for too long on WWE televisionhe's got some serious talent and we should be seeing a lot more of it soon, as Cody has a strong chance of walking away from tonight's pay-per-view as Mr. Money in the Bank.

This prediction is based on the process of elimination.

Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose and Fandango, while talented, are all far too new to WWE television to be given such an opportunity. That leaves Jack Swagger and Wade Barrett.

Jack Swagger's Real American gimmick garnered some great heat several months ago, but that all fizzled out as soon as WWE tried to explain to politicians the merit of their product.

Swagger was then defeated over and over again by Alberto Del Rio and dropped from the world championship scene, and it's doubtful that officials would so hastily throw him back in.

Wade Barrett seemed poised for major main event success but the decision makers in the company seemed to have lost interest in the Barrett Barrage. Even though he won the Intercontinental championship this year, it seems like all he's done this year is lose.

Mind you, Rhodes' hasn't had a terrific 2013 either. He's floundered around ever since Team Rhodes' Scholars ended their feud with Team Hell No in January of this year.

However, Rhodes' time in the background hasn't been as damaging to his character as Barrett's very noticeable losing streak.

Ultimately, this match really can go any way. The WWE are as experimental as ever when it comes to world heavyweight champions (since it's inarguably the B title now), so a win for one of the newcomers isn't out of the question.

Similarly, it may be extremely illogical to give the briefcase to Barrett or Swagger given their flagrant losing ways in 2013, but WWE have proved over and over again that they don't mind betraying common sense.

Still, for a match so unpredictable, Cody Rhodes is the best bet as SmackDown's 2013 Mr. Money in the Bank.