Rays Go Back-To-Back On Mariano Rivera

Todd Farino@truegurufarinoCorrespondent IMay 8, 2009

It wasn't a save opportunity for Rivera Thursday night, and that is the good news.

Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria went back-to-back off of the Yankee closer in the top of the ninth inning breaking a 6-6 tie. Rivera threw 24 pitches to get out of the ninth with the home runs being the only hits he gave up.

I'd start to worry a little bit about Mariano Rivera. This is the third time in five appearances that he's given up runs, with two of them being two—run affairs.

Right now Rivera's, cutter isn't cutting consistently. That pitch is everything for him and he needs to get it working consistently in order for him to have success.

Hopefully its just a bad stretch or maybe just a stretch of good teams. We will keep an eye out and try to find out if he's hiding an injury.