John Cena vs Mark Henry: WWE Title Match Isn't Exciting Enough for Pay-Per-View

Alex Hall@@AlexKHallCorrespondent IIIJuly 14, 2013

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John Cena taking on Mark Henry at this year's WWE Money in the Bank might be for the WWE title, but that's the only reason to get excited.

Cena vs. Henry is a fine match for Monday Night Raw, but it's not an event people should have to pay to watch in their homes.

Some wrestling enthusiasts might be happy to see the veteran Henry get a shot at the WWE's biggest title. Though it will please some fans, it doesn't change the fact the actual match will be less than stellar.

It's a match that has been done before multiple times. The two locked up back in 2011 and 2012 matches that were both quite slow-paced. While Cena and Henry aren't known for flying around the ring, it's odd to see them paired up for a pay-per-view highlighted by two ladder matches.

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio will also be featured in the World Heavyweight title match. It's going to be hard for the WWE championship bout to contend with any of those three matches.

This is a match that is sure to feature Henry pounding on the WWE champion for a considerable length of time, with Cena then rallying back to retain his belt. In both their 2011 and 2012 encounters, a similar aforementioned formula was used.

If the challenger and Cena simply go back to the well and give fans the usual match between these two, expect quite the round of boos out of the Philadelphia fans.

Being that this bout is on the pay-per-view stage, it's quite possible Cena and Henry will try to mix things up. Even if the fans do get new material from the champ and Henry though, it won't be as exciting as the other matches on the card.

Cena and Henry are both slow-paced, power-type guys in the ring. Henry finishes his opponents with a splash or body slam, while Cena simply throws down a standing fireman's carry to win his matches. These two are not exactly known for their dazzling array of maneuvers.

This title match will not be one for fans of the technical side of wrestling, and has a chance of simply being a repeat of previous meetings between the two. Even if Cena and Henry do give fans a different match than we are used to seeing from them, it won't be enough to stand out on this card.

It's not that Cena and Henry cannot put on a decent match together, it's just that decent isn't good enough on a stage like Money in the Bank.