What Metta World Peace Should Do If He Doesn't Play in NBA Next Season

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJuly 13, 2013

Metta World Peace, fleet-minded as he is, insists that he's done playing basketball following the Los Angeles Lakers use of their amnesty provision on him, so what's left for his future?

Of course, if you're a regular follower of World Peace and his Twitter account, you'll know how quickly he changes his mind.

He'll threaten to quit tweeting for some drawn-out period of time, only to get back on and chat with his followers less than a day later.

So what are we to make of his recent threats to retire from the NBA?

Well, instead of getting too deep into whether or not he's actually retiring, let's just go ahead and make some suggestions for his post-NBA career.


Start a Sandball League

Like most athletes, Metta seems to be constantly active. Whether he's working out, practicing, just playing around on a day off, he's always up to something.

Most recently he's been into playing sand football, and asking his followers to come out and join him if they know where he is.

Instead of just playing for fun, why not start a professional sandball league, or at least put together a charity tournament or two here and there?

At the very least it's something to fill up their time.


Become a Weatherman

Twice over the course of the past year World Peace has shown up on a local television station to do the weather.

While it may not be the most accurate, or even mature forecast, it's extremely entertaining at the very least.

Whichever television station he would choose, be it in Los Angeles, Canada or Singapore, ratings would instantly go through the roof.


Play Arena Football

Following the news of the amnesty, World Peace was asked about his status. His response was the notion that he was done with the NBA.

I don't really want to play for anybody. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to go to China, or coach or play arena football.

You're not 33 twice. You won't be able to play in China at a good level again. I wouldn't be able to play in China again averaging, maybe, 40 or more points. That would be fun.

Now coaching and playing basketball in China are too normal for players following their NBA careers. They're not "Metta" enough.

However, playing in the Arena Football League, now that's a very "Metta" thing to do.

Think about it: he may be 33-year-old basketball player weighing his options for the rest of his career, but he's in magnificent shape, takes great care of his body and is still quite fast and athletic.

While the thought that an NBA player could easily jump to the NFL is ridiculous, taking a stint in the AFL seems completely reasonable, especially for a man his size. He's a perfect option to be a tight end or a safety.


Open a Restaurant

With time to spare and plenty of things to think about following the Lakers' decision to cut him, World Peace took his talents to Saladish in Pasadena.

Rather than putting together a plan for landing on his next team, World Peace is taking a bit of downtime and serving up salads and lettuce wraps to some friendly vegetarians and Lakers fans.

Not only was it a fun idea to pass a bit of time, but the lines at the restaurant absolutely exploded once word got out that he would be serving up meals.

World Peace is always tweeting about food in one way or another and expressing his love for healthy foods and beverages. 

Throw that together with his celebrity status and his advantageous location in Los Angeles, and World Peace could have a chain of restaurants up and down California within a decade.

"Metta's World of Peas" has a decent ring to it, although I'm more a fan of "Metta's World of Pitas."

Go ahead and take the idea at no fee, Metta; all I ask is a few coupons once the place takes off.