WWE Money in the Bank 2013: The Company Cannot Lose Its Momentum

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 13, 2013


The great thing about the WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view is that it delivers.

And you can take that to the bank!

In all seriousness, there is so much riding on this event—leading into SummerSlam, forming new top contenders and causing red-hot chaos that leads us through to the fall and end of the year.

This is the main event of the summer, in my opinion. SummerSlam is a crucial stop on Vince McMahon's circus trailer, but MITB sets us all up nicely for what we are about to see over the course of the next five months.

So, with that in mind, here is a note to the company that has taken the spotlight off the title matches and placed it on the matches to get a shot at the title: DON'T LOSE THE MOMENTUM.

Those four words are all you need to know about the status of this company. Even the divas put on one hell of an act on Monday night with the contract signing between Kaitlyn and AJ. If the women are putting forth the effort to sell, then the WWE is doing something right in my book.


The fact the WWE Title is not the main attraction of this show is a good thing for the company.

Seven men will try to capture the WWE Title contract. There will be a tag team match, a divas match, an Intercontinental Title match and then, on the backside of the show, we will see the World Heavyweight Title match and the WWE Title match.

When have we seen a PPV where John Cena is any less important?

OMG! Maybe he can start the match on the pre-show.

OK, that is getting ahead of myself, but you get the picture.


We have had the chance to see great matches involving participants in both ladder matches over the course of the last two weeks—Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and CM Punk—on all the WWE broadcasts. The hype and the previews have been great.

Sprinkle in a few odds and ends, like Vickie Guerrero, The Wyatts and seeing Summer Rae, and you have had some pretty good television to watch.

The company still hasn't gotten away from the McMahon angle, Ryback is still looking for redemption and Rob Van Dam will be on television on Monday night.

Looks like Sunday night will be another hot one in the WWE. 

Ah, planning made perfect. And it could only get better. If this show goes according to plan—it never does, we all know that—then the rest of the year will be hotter than ever without all the need to rely on just one person to carry the mother lode.

The WWE is starting to figure it out. It has finally realized the four words that will make MITB the best event of the year.