Challenge Cup 2013 Results: Broncos Prove Their Championship Merit

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IJuly 13, 2013

The London Broncos may be struggling in the Super League, but they are having no problems remembering how to win in the Challenge Cup. 

On Friday, they took on a Sheffield Eagles team that had won 15 straight games and dispatched them relatively easily, 29-10. Check out all of the results at

While they earned a comfortable win, it took them a while to grasp control of this game. Both sides looked a little sloppy to start, and for the first 20 minutes this game went by scoreless. 

There were far too many handling errors at the start for this game to pick up any real momentum. Those problems plagued the Eagles the whole contest. Meanwhile, the Broncos were able to clean up their play.

London was able to settle down and take a 10-4 lead into halftime.

In the second half, it was all business for the Broncos. They scored two tries within moments of each other, and there was little doubt left about the eventual outcome at that point.

The dominance in the second half was key to for the Broncos' title chances as they move into the semifinals. 

This is a team that had grown far too familiar with losing during Super League play. Sitting in last place in that league with just eight points, this team has lost 16 times to just three wins in the league. 

I don't care how big of a talent advantage a team has, that is going to make it difficult for them to remember how to win. 

So, when the Broncos entered halftime with a narrow lead based off of sloppy play, it would have been far too easy for them to say, "Here we go again," and come out with a listless performance in the second half. 

Instead, they came out with a renewed focus and energy, and they put their opponents away. 

Jamie Soward deserves a big share of the credit for this. In just his third appearance for his London side, he had a marvelous solo try and was fantastic all match. 

The stop-gap signing made a big impact not just with the results he produced, but also with his intensity and drive to win. Now, all of a sudden, this is a confident club that is beginning to carve out a winning identity.