Brett Favre vs. Mike Vick

todd normanContributor IMay 8, 2009

Favre is considering his second consecutive season returning from retirement, and both incidents left his former teams and fans upset. His return ultimately depends on how his injured arm holds up.

Vick is scheduled to be released from prison, where he has spent the last two seasons/years on federal charges of dog fighting. His return is contingent on NFL approval, after which he would probably be traded by the Atlanta Falcons.

We know there is a team out there that will take a chance on Vick and at least one team interested in Favre but which is more likely? In my opinion I don't think Roger Goodell will reinstate Vick right away and maybe he wouldn't even reinstate Favre.

I would much rather watch Vick play then ever see Favre on a field again. This will be a very interesting year in the crazy league they call the NFL.