Tennessee Titans Have Just 1 Fan Willing to Camp out for Tickets

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 12, 2013

We may have spotted the biggest Tennessee Titans fan. 

Deadspin posted this video by Nashville's WKRN-TV, featuring the one fan who can be counted upon to show up in line every single season to nab tickets. 

Don't worry, Titans fans; something tells me you will have plenty of time to pick out your seats this season.

The man who was woken up by reporter Stephanie Langston is David Cline, and he doesn't use credit cards, which is the main reason he finds himself in a similar spot each and every year. Not that Cline seems to mind, because camping out has become a sort of tradition with the Titans fan who has even become recognizable to the anchors who remembered him from past years. 

Of course, this is the moment that we all point and chuckle at the Titans, who have seen their numbers dwindle at the festive moment when single-game tickets become available. Even Langston remarks on how nobody seems to line up anymore, which leads Cline to recall a group who used to camp out for 10 days. 

Well, it's far easier to set an alarm and drag your groggy self to the computer to buy tickets, making the raucous affair in front of box offices dissolve into just one fan willing to brave the elements and hard concrete to nab the lone game he wanted to see. 

Now, it would be easy to scoff at Cline, who sounds a little discombobulated at the start of the video. I would challenge any of you to begin answering questions on live television the second you wake up. You can see Cline's mental faculties slowly begin to thaw as he proclaims that he will never give up the proud tradition. 

I should hope not, and I would also like to request you let the man sleep in next year. He was in the same spot since Thursday morning. Something tells me he earned it. 


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