Dolph Ziggler Must Win at Money in the Bank to Prove He's Championship Caliber

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJuly 12, 2013

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Of all the Superstars involved in Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, perhaps no one needs to come away with a victory more than Dolph Ziggler.

He must beat Alberto Del Rio to recapture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and prove to WWE and the WWE Universe that he can be a credible major champion in the company. He has already held the two top midcard titles—the intercontinental and United States championships—but his previous two turns with the World belt were less than stellar.

In all fairness, I call him a two-time World champion, even though the first reign lasted less than 15 minutes. But a reign is a reign, whether it is seven months like Sheamus or 45 seconds like The Big Show in 2011.

And we all know what happened with his second time holding the belt. A concussion landed him on the shelf for the majority of his title time, and when he finally was able to defend the title, he lost to Del Rio.

Even though the concussion was unexpected, it still does not take away the fact that Ziggler’s title run was not a history maker. He needs to, as his entrance music says, “show the world” that he can carry the World title with the best of them.

Sunday’s Money in the Bank will change all that. It will be a whole new chapter in Ziggler’s career.

For the first time in what seems like forever, Ziggler is operating as a true solo act. In the past, he always had someone watching his back, whether it was the Spirit Squad, Vickie Guerrero, Jack Swagger, AJ Lee or Big E Langston.

From this point forward, Ziggler will have no one in his corner to distract the referee or get in cheap shots on his behalf. He has to rise and fall on his own merit.

That’s just what he needs to cement his credibility. The best way you can prove yourself is to do it all by yourself.

Ziggler’s character has the personality to wow the crowd without any help from anyone else. He also has a great deal of wrestling ability and is more than capable of giving the audience a great match. Just look at his televised battle earlier this week with Antonio Cesaro in Hampton, Va. While that was part of WWE Main Event, it easily could have carried Raw or SmackDown.

Dolph Ziggler refers to himself as the “Show Off.” After Sunday, he will have something else to show off besides his character and ability—the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


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