Randy Orton could be set for another year long title run

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IMay 8, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 9:  WWE wrestlers (L-R) Ric Flair, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, Stacy Kiebler & Miss Jackie attend the New York Knicks v Boston Celtics  NBA game March 9, 2004 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.   (Photo by Ray Amati/Getty Images)

Randy Orton's true legacy wasn't formed on television when he joined a faction with Cody Rhodes and Manu; it was crafted and shaped under his seven month long Intercontinental title reign, a reign that was, in my opinion, the best of the entire decade, and the world heavyweight championship run only a month later.

Orton has always had a star quality about him.  He has never shown any sign of slowing down.  About two and a half years ago, Orton took his legacy to a new level.  At No Mercy 2007, Orton would begin the "Age of Orton."  

A night where Orton would be awarded the title, only to lose it at the beginning of the show to Triple H. Triple H would beat Umaga later on that night, and then lose to Orton in a rematch the same night.

In December of that year, Orton took on the guy who was going to "Save" the WWE, Chris Jericho. Everyone and there brother thought Jericho would come out of Armageddon the World Champion, but the Age of Orton prevailed, with a little help from then announcer, JBL.

At the Royal Rumble to begin 2008, Orton took on the WWE's resident golden boy, Jeff Hardy. With Cena out, who was hotter then Jeff Hardy?  Hardy and Orton's feud had the big match feel. Jeff had even done one of the most amazing high-spots in WWE RAW history, a 30-foot Swanton Bomb.

Jeff Hardy was on a role that night.  He has complete control, and as he was going for the Twist of Fate to  symbolise the beginning of the end, for The Age of Orton. Well, as he spun, Orton countered with one of the coolest looking RKO's in my memory. Jeff sold it like a true king and proved even I, a Jeff Hardy hater, wrong.

Orton would defend his title next at No Way Out, where the Royal Rumble winner, John Cena, would cash in his right early. I was praying as I was watching that Orton wouldn't drop the title to Cena, and he didn't. Orton smacked the referee, and got disqualified.  Orton would cheat his way to Wrestlemania, where he would face both Cena and Triple H.

No one picked Orton to win, but he retained once again. Orton had one of the best title runs I've ever seen. Orton is known for his superb title runs, and who's to say he won't have another?

Randy Orton has plenty of "face" talent to keep the fans interested through next year, and one key feature they could reach into. They have the possibility to reform DX again. I'm no fan of DX and I will never claim to be, but they are great for business.  With DX, Orton could keep the title and none of the fans would complain.

Even with DX out of the World Title picture, Orton has a great amount of "face" wrestlers to feud with. You could see Orton vs Batista, which is expected to go from about now until Summerslam. A Cena vs Orton feud has been done a lot of times, but the WWE won't think twice about doing it again.

Now we come to the exciting feuds. Orton could feud with Ted DiBiase Jr. when he goes face to promote the movie "The Marine 2." M.V.P. vs. Orton is a potential great feud.  Everyone seen the confrontation between the two on Raw, and you'd all be lying if you were to say you weren't intrigued..

Another possible feud for Orton would be Orton vs Mr. Kennedy. These two make awesome promos, and this feud would flat out sell. Maybe Orton could be the guy to finally keep Kennedy healthy long enough to grab a world title.

Orton could feud with DX as well. Raw is shaping up to be the entire Orton show. Who is to say this title reign will only go for a year? With this crazy time in wrestling where a one month title reign is common, will Randy Orton be the person to bring prestige back to the WWE title?

I just hope this isn't a hoax. If Orton drops the title this time to yet another established guy, I will openly cry. This situation is only to perfect to set up a guy like M.V.P., Mr. Kennedy, Ted DiBiase Jr., or anyone who may come over from a different brand, like John Morrison, Christian or Jack Swagger.  Don't mess this up, WWE.