Phil Mickelson and Other Golf Stars Channel Happy Gilmore for Awesome Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 12, 2013

It's the only swing that could win the Waterbury Open and irritate the great Shooter McGavin. It's Happy Gilmore's swing, and Phil Mickelson took a whack at it. 

Golf Channel decided to bring a bunch of golfers together and settle once and for all the question of what it looks like for professionals to take on the brilliance that was Happy Gilmore's swing. 

Mickelson was joined by Paul Lawrie, Nicolas Colsaerts and others at the 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open Pro-Am—essentially the perfect time to bust out a smashing pop-culture swing of the golf club. 

This is precisely the same swing you bust out toward the end of the back nine when nobody is watching and your scorecard is already decorated with bogeys like ornaments on a Christmas tree. 

The big winner was Padraig Harrington, who apparently blasted a tee shot a whopping 328 yards, per Golf News Net, which makes sense because he has some experience in this particular practice.

That's right, Harrington once featured in an awesome Sports Science segment dedicated to whether Gilmore's fictional tactics had any real-life value. 

In short, a "Happier" Harrington smashes the ball 30 yards farther. But it should be noted that obvious accuracy issues would negate this becoming a PGA norm. 

Still, seeing Mickelson and Harrington demolish a ball like this has me itching to hit the range armed with the big dog and an extra skip in my step. 

The only thing missing is a healthy amount of built-up rage

Now all we need is for golf's best to take swings at Bob Barker or begin putting with a hockey stick, and we will have fulfilled the entire masterpiece that was Happy Gilmore

I also want to thank Golf Channel for making me forget Grown Ups 2 was a thing for all of a few minutes. 


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