John Cena vs. Mark Henry: WWE Title Match Will Disappoint at Money in the Bank

Alex HallCorrespondent IIIJuly 13, 2013

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For all the excitement that the 2013 Money in the Bank pay-per-view may bring, none of that will come from the WWE title match. John Cena and Mark Henry are two wrestlers who just do not complement each other in the ring. This should not be news to WWE.

Henry always plays the role of the "big man" in his matches much the same way Big Show and Kane do. He throws his opponent around like a rag doll and throws in some body slams and bear hugs for good measure.

Cena isn't the exact same but he is just as slow in his approach. He's a big fan of the shoulder throws and fisherman suplexes. Cena does not exactly fly around the ring by any means.

Putting these two guys in the same ring is sure to lead to a slow, boring bout for the most important title in the WWE. For proof of just how slow this upcoming match will be, check out this video from a 2012 match between Henry and Cena:


Interestingly enough, that match felt eerily similar to their match from 2011 when Kane interfered:


In both matches, Henry beat up Cena for the vast majority of the match. In the 2012 bout, Cena flurries back at the end to win with his signature finishing move set.

Henry and Cena might not have a match exactly like these previous two but the blue print is there. The champion will in all likelihood retain his title. Henry has to dominate for some portion of the match to keep things interesting.

This match has the words boring and predictable written all over it.

There will be plenty of body slams and Cena will be thrown across the ring. There will also be plenty of sloppy reversals by Cena which will eventually lead to his victory.

Henry has always been a big man who can do little more than show off his strength during a match. He's been in WWE since 1996 and there's no reason to think Henry's approach to his craft is going to change in this match.

Cena has always approached his matches with bigger opponents the same way. He gets beat up for awhile then has a big comeback leading to either a victory or a loss.

This is a match the WWE Universe has seen before and will not want to see for a long time after Money in the Bank concludes.