Wizards' Martell Webster Is Tired of His Kid's Sucky Drawings

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 12, 2013

Don't bring that weak coloring-outside-the-lines game around Martell Webster's house.

Deadspin spotted an Instagram video posted by the Wizards forward, who presents to fans an adorable drawing only to proclaim that it sucks.

The caption reads, "Am I wrong for this?"

No, you are a comedic genius for this, and someone who has far less clutter stuck to his refrigerator door than most parents.

All I could think of when watching the short video was Louis C.K. taking his own children to task in his hilarious stand-up routine. (Be warned: There is a ton of NSFW language in the video that follows.)

Now there may be a scant few who are bent out of shape over a father trashing his daughter's drawings on a public forum like Instagram.

I mean, that kid must have poured endless seconds and tremendous passion into coloring that picture and should be commended with an obligatory, "OMG, that is beautiful!"

Well, I will assume Webster doffed his cap to his kid as all parents do—making her feel like she put the finishing brushstrokes on a masterpiece—but wanted to joke around with you adults in the know on Instagram.

Not only is this post funny, but it gives fans confidence that Webster would be a brilliant art critic. I would love to walk through an art museum with him just to give him the last word on every single masterpiece.

If only to hear his reply, "Picture sucks."


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