The Mile High Salute: How It Can Help The Broncos Relive The Glory Days

Ian SerbyContributor IMay 8, 2009

6 Oct 1997:  Running back Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos performs the 'Mile High Salute' after scoring a touchdown during a game against the New England Patriots at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado.  The Broncos won the game, 34-13. Mandatory Credit: Todd Warshaw  /Allsport

In 1997 and 1998 it seemed like every time a Bronco crossed the goal line, the Mile High Salute would follow. But more than just an end-zone celebration, it was a metaphor for the Broncos team as a whole. Performing the Mile High Salute entailed players saluting each other, no one was trying to draw attention to himself. And that was how the team played. No one was more or less important, everyone did their job to further the goals of the team.

In the past few years, the Mile High Salute has been seldom seen, and the way the team has playing could be compared to a different end-zone celebration: the infamous self-inflicted concussion by Gus Frerotte. Just like Gus, the Broncos have been beating their collective head against the wall. The Broncos had all the individual talent they could have wanted, but failed to come together as a team.

In the coming season, if the Broncos can look to past and learn from the humility shown by the Super Bowl winning Broncos squads, they may just have a chance to win a ring for themselves.