Word Life!: Jobbing, Programs, Burying, and Pushing...The "Limbo" Status

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Word Life!: Jobbing, Programs, Burying, and Pushing...The
There comes periods when Superstars are in "limbo." These stars are subjected to a number of various things. Every star doesn't work a story/program at the same time, so what happens in the meantime?

Stars are sent back to developmental territories like Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). That occurs if WWE decides that a star is undeveloped. Other WWE stars are injured, but that doesn't count as "in limbo," because they're injured.

Many disappear for periods at a time because they aren't used and others who are absent are just wrestling without an angle or story of any sort. These men are jobbers, right?

Jobber is a word that has been tossed around for quite a while and it's used to categorize superstars who aren't really doing much.

There are many wrestlers that are being dubbed a jobber, but are they? Does being in limbo equate to jobber status? Why is a superstar in limbo and what will become of it?

After the 2009 WWE draft there has been a lot of shakeups on all three of WWE's brands, RAW, ECW, and SmackDown respectively.

I've visited the WWE Universe forums, a place I have never been to before. Thousands upon thousands of WWE fans were sharing their opinions and all the good stuff. I was really amazed, those were some of the dumbest idiots I ever came across.

A jobber isn't a star who isn't in the main event picture, title picture, or story. A jobber is a no-name person who usually resides in the very same city that they're currently in and does his job: Jobbing.

There are stars across all three brands whose status could be debatable, but I'll cover some. William Regal is a RAW superstar hasn't done much since winning the 2008 KOTR. (King of The Ring).

Regal also held the Intercontinental title and transitioned to a king gimmick similar to Booker T's, but not as much over the top.

He feuded with the huge face CM Punk, who ultimately took the Intercontinental title from him. Regal was missing in action since then. What happened to him? Was he going to get released? Suspended again? Let's just call him a jobber, shall we?

The 2009 WWE draft further raised questions concerning Regal's limbo after Layla El was drafted to SmackDown.

Layla was his manager after he won the KOTR. Regal has had an absence for a couple of months and many wondered what happened to him. This week's RAW answered the question for everyone.

"He's not getting released after all!"

"He's back to job again?"

No.. and no idiots, just because he was in limbo didn't mean he was going to get released or turn into a jobber. There were no plans for William Regal so he wasn't appearing, it's that simple.

On RAW he appeared to commentate with King and Cole during the Cody Rhodes/MVP match.

It just so happened that Regal clotheslined MVP's leg and cost him the match. Regal walks away while MVP is huffing and puffing on the ground. Regal is no longer in limbo, as it appears that there are plans for him.

Picture stars lined up to collect their scripts from creative, hypothetically speaking. There won't be scripts for everyone, so something must be done to pass the time. Regal has finally got his script, so he's no longer on limbo in the waiting room.

This leads me to ECW.

Gregory Helms has had a tough ride lately. He broke his neck a few years back and was gone for over a year. When he returned, he hadn't done much either. He managed to face Shelton Benjamin for the U.S. championship and stood up for Jeff Hardy when Matt Hardy first betrayed him.

Helms has been absent after that. He too was in limbo like Regal was, and he too returned to television like Regal did. Helms was drafted to ECW in the 2009 WWE draft and appeared last week on the show. Gregory Helms is now a backstage interviewer.

Can you dub him a jobber though he isn't even wrestling?

Can you say he was released though he returned?

This most likely happened due to a chain of events following Tazz's departure.

Todd Grisham joined Jim Ross as SmackDown commentator. Josh Matthews commentates with Matt Striker on ECW and Michael Cole commentates on RAW with Jerry Lawler.                                   
I don't know about you, but it's weird seeing Matthews and Grisham both commentate and interview people. Helms hasn't done much in the ring, and being a backstage interviewer might be an alternative until, or if, an angle is brought up for him.

Questioning a star's status in absence is easy, so how about a star who hasn't left television?

Shelton Benjamin is SmackDown's former U.S. champ. The word jobber comes up to mind right? Here's a guy who isn't going to ever reach the main event. Really? Luckily, that's a different topic for another time.

Benjamin has been in limbo for a while. He's earned the status of "jobber" in the eyes of many, but I can understand why they'd say such a silly thing. Benjamin had lost his U.S. title to MVP.

He also lost the rematch, money in the bank at Wrestlemania 25, Christian on RAW during draft night, and most recently John Morrison on SmackDown last week at Madison Square Garden.

That's five straight losses.

He even lost to Taker a couple of times between a win or two this year. That is the elements of a jobber. As a fan, I'm not pleased by the string of losses, but I've come to fathom the recent events.

The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever graced the WWE and his no doubt a future hall of famer, so Benjamin losing to him is all right.

John Morrison, MVP and Christian all also beat them. Many should take into account that three very popular stars who are all getting pushed defeated Benjamin as well.

A victory against an established heel the likes of Benjamin means something in the eyes of WWE. These are three men who are all on different brands and they all recently defeated Shelton Benjamin.

If you want to push someone, they need to get a win that means something, a win that is significant and relevant, a win that says:

"This superstar is about to take off!"

If Benjamin had lost to a star who isn't getting pushed, I'd be worried.

The losses also indicate that there isn't aren't angles for him at the moment. The feud with MVP was coming to an end, and he was used to help launch extremely popular stars (all faces) into bright futures.

Shelton's future could still be questioned, but the fact remains he is still at the top of the mid card and can possibly shatter the glass ceiling...if WWE as well as himself goes for a push.

Shelton Benjamin is the only star that I named who is still in limbo. He will remain there until another program is produced for him. Hopefully, it'll be one that moves him one step closer to the top card where he belongs.

We all draw conclusions when a star goes into limbo, but it's just waiting in line for the next program a majority of the time. Next program? It just might come sooner than later.

Oh hell yes, it's his newest promo. Please bear with me, people, I'm the ultimate mark for this guy. Oh yeah, I GOTCHA!

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