Miguel Cabrera's Historic 1st Half on Pace to Surpass MVP/Triple Crown Season

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Miguel Cabrera's Historic 1st Half on Pace to Surpass MVP/Triple Crown Season
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Breaking news: Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera is really, really good.

OK, you probably already knew that, but what you may not have known is that Cabrera became the first player in MLB history to hit for 30 home runs and 90 RBI before the All-Star Break.

While "Miggy" was the first player to win the Triple Crown in 45 years last season, he's been even better this season.

It's not hard to determine why Cabrera has been so successful when you see just how hard he hits the ball.

What's surprising about his success is how consistent he's been.

It's tough to bat .300 in the MLB, let alone .350. But what Cabrera has done this season has just been ridiculous. He leads all MLB hitters by 23 points and the American League by 39 points.

To couple that consistency with his power is far from rare, but it reaches the point of being utterly absurd.

Nobody drives the ball better than Cabrera. Nobody.

Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis might have four more home runs than Cabrera, but he has not proved that he can hit as consistently.

Cabrera has already broken the record for most home runs by a Tiger in the first half of the season, topping the list of players in the history of the 113-year-old franchise, per Numbers Never Lie.

The way things are going, he could have one of the best seasons in the live ball era, and his numbers over the past 162 games are phenomenal.

To say that this guy could do even better after his Triple Crown-winning performance last season would have sounded ridiculous in March, but now, it's seeming pretty reasonable.

Let's take a look at Cabrera's monthly stats in the past two seasons.


2012 .298 7 20 .571 .940
2013 .363 4 28 .559 .995

As you can see, Cabrera may not have started out with as many home runs in 2013 as he had in 2012, but his batting average and RBI are both way up, certainly making up for the lack of the long ball.


2012 .331 2 22 .468 .839
2013 .379 12 33 .767 1.222

May was a bit of a slump for Miggy in 2012, but this year, he came out on fire, clubbing 12 home runs while putting all of his other numbers from the 2012 season to shame.


2012 .311 7 20 .604 .990
2013 .378 9 21 .704 1.196

June's power numbers were about the same for Cabrera in both seasons. However, the big difference is that he continued to bat almost .400 in 2013, whereas in 2012 he hit just over .300.


2012 .414 2 9 .724 1.165
2013 .308 5 12 .692 1.118

Miggy might have hit better for average in 2012, but he's clearly surpassed last July's power numbers to this point.

However, as last year's All-Star Game was played earlier, it should be noted that Cabrera will have played five more games in July 2013 before the break. All the same, he looks set to at least match the 2012 month's power numbers (nine home runs, 23 RBI).

First-Half Stats

2012 .324 18 71 .557 .938
2013 .366 30 94 .682 1.138

Numbers don't lie, and it's obvious that Cabrera is doing better in the first half of this season than he did last season.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

With three games left, Cabrera could conceivably reach 100 RBI before the first half of the season is over. He has also been a better second-half player over the past couple years, as he posted a higher batting average, slugging percentage and OPS in the latter half of the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

To see someone do what Cabrera is doing is a treat, and baseball fans need to step back and admire what Miggy has done all season. If he keeps this up, there will be another MVP trophy with his name on it—and possibly another Triple Crown.

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