Video of FC Barcelona's Youth Team Will Have You Amazed and Stupefied

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2013

These kids came to play. 

For the Win's Mike Foss spotted this highlight reel of kids who are far better at football than you might think considering their age. 

FC Barcelona's official page states it broke down the best 100 goals of the year, giving fans the cream of what is an unbelievable crop. 

Now, if you continue to hype all of your youth soccer moments or Little League heroics, it might be best to watch another video. In an instant, you will think far less of your own childhood accomplishments, because I know I did. Not only are these kids on point with their skill, they have wonderful creativity and amazing passing ability. 

It's as if they are, I don't know, well trained. 

As kids, all we ever cared about was whether there would be Capri-Suns or Hi-C Ecto Coolers for us after the game. 

These young maestros are working on a completely different level. 

Let's just recap the brilliance in this video. At the 12-second mark, one kid scores on his own while taking a corner kick, something Thierry Henry did last year to great applause. 

After that, we get a brilliant goal from distance and a corner that leads to a beautiful back-heel strike into the net, and yet, we are still talking about kids here.  

The video features a top-five breakdown starting off with a bicycle kick from an older kid and ending with a top two that will have you smiling for weeks. 

All of this leads to one obvious conclusion: FC Barcelona has been cloning Lionel Messi for years. 


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