The McMahons Deliver Big Ratings on Raw

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 11, 2013

Vince cuts a promo on Raw (from
Vince cuts a promo on Raw (from

Can the current storyline with the McMahon family save Raw's ratings?

As crazy as it sounds, that just may be the case.

OK, so the "job evaluation" of Vickie Guerrero by the McMahons wasn't exactly great television. Vickie tried her best, but that segment was just so strange.

After weeks of undermining her, Vince McMahon was now solidly behind Vickie. Stephanie spent most of the skit making catty remarks to the managing supervisor about how terrible of a job she was doing, apparently forgetting that she had been the one dishing out the orders while Vickie merely did what she was told.

Oh, and then Triple H went into a long spiel about how Vickie had "ruined" Raw. As Lance Storm noted on Twitter, the company was essentially telling viewers here that, in the storylines, WWE's flagship show was terrible and no longer worth watching. How nonsensical.

Who was meant to be the face here? Vickie was whiny and annoying (theoretically making her a bad guy), but she was being bullied by Stephanie and Triple H and has generally been treated terribly the past few weeks, serving to make her a sympathetic figure.

Showing chivalrous tendencies, Vince kindly defended the star, making him sympathetic too, but then he lashed out at the fans. Triple H also seemed to go quickly from heel to face and back again during the segment.   

You know things are bad when Brad Maddox was the only one with any character consistency.

OK, so the segment was awful. But Raw did, as PWTorch mentions, deliver a strong 3.08, with viewership actually increasing as the show went on, a rare occurrence since the three-hour format began last July.

And, as Dave Meltzer notes in today's F4W Daily update, it was the McMahon segment that carried the ratings:

As far as the Raw ratings went, the reason for the increase over the past six weeks when the segment breakdowns came in, it was totally clear it was the Vickie Guerrero job performance evaluation segment that drove the viewership...Everything built to that segment, and fell off greatly when the segment was over.

Credit where it's due.

There's obviously something about the antics of the dysfunctional McMahon family that keeps viewers glued to the television. Granted, it may not last, but for the time being, WWE's faith in the current Vince/Stephanie/Triple H angle has been vindicated.

Get used to the McMahons, folks: They're here to stay.