Brandon McCarthy Slightly More Hilarious Than Mitch Williams Is Awful

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Brandon McCarthy Slightly More Hilarious Than Mitch Williams Is Awful
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Brandon McCarthy took time out of his busy schedule to lay the hammer to MLB Network's Mitch Williams, and it was as hilarious as you might expect. 

It starts with a comment Williams—a former MLB pitcher who played 11 seasons in the big leagues—made on Wednesday's MLB Tonight, via Tom Ley of Deadspin

Here is what he had to say, according to a tweet from Heard on MLB Tonight

Yes, those in the know might be shaking their heads in disbelief on how Williams could take a scary injury and try to stuff a teachable moment on pitch location into it. 

For those not acquainted with one of the scariest plays in recent MLB memory, McCarthy was struck on the head with a line drive while a member of the Oakland A's in September 2012

Well, he should have pitched in, according to an extremely ridiculous comment from Williams. 

Now, we don't have context or video of the comment, but McCarthy hardly waited for such things, because he went on the following Twitter rampage that should bring the chuckles and LOLs from a great many of you. 

Well, it's time to take a breather after all that comedic vitriol spilling from the social media site. 

It's great to see an athlete answer a critic with passion as well as humor, especially as he continues to feel the effects of the terrifying injury from last season. 

ESPN reported in early June that McCarthy suffered a seizure while dining with his wife in a Phoenix-area restaurant. 

The report also maintains the pitcher is doing fine and is now on anti-seizure medication. 

McCarthy continues to make inroads back from a shoulder injury and threw in a simulated game Tuesday, via Chris Towers of CBS Sports

As if that weren't enough, he now has to think up zingers to answer absurd analysts. Fortunately, he seems well equipped for such an occasion. 

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